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Bulldog Trust

January 27th, 2015

A generous grant of £26,000 over two years has enabled Panathlon to move a part time member of staff in to a full time role enabing a greater roll out out of programmes such as Primary Panathlon.

This post will also impact on increasing numbers in the Primary programme; and also help bring in some investment by participating counties paying for our training and delivery.

We would also know with this extra human resource, we will be able to develop our Deaf and Visually Impairment programmes –enabling to attract Impairment specific funding due to increased programme and numbers and support the expansion of our Panathlon Swimming model.

The investment will mean as a charity we will be able to deliver more hours of active participation by severely disabled young people and increase leadership and coach education opportunities as well. As a charity we can only grow when we have resources to do so, but human resource investment means we will be able to create new time, redistribute current resource to other areas such as further income generation, programme development and location.