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Mayor of London

January 16th, 2014

The Mayor of London first invested in Panathlon in 2009 to enable the roll out of Panathlon to all 32 London borouughs. Around £250,000 was invested from 2009-12 to grow Panathlon in London by one third and involve every London borough.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: ‘The Panathlon Challenge is a fantastic competition. It is about taking part, aspiration and achievement, three of the best motivators for young people. As 2012 approaches, I hope tournaments like this will inspire more Londoners, young and old alike, to take up sport and physical activity.’

Further support in the Olympic and Paralympic year of 2012 enabled Panathletes to be the first disabled racers on the Olympic track, ahead of the likes of Mo Farrah and David Weir. The Mayor of London invited Panathlon to be part of an official London 2012 test event, ahead of the main games in April 2012 and in front of 23,000 people in the Olympic Stadium.ARF_4966

The Mayor praised Panathlon for its work, saying: “I want to take this opportunity to thank Panathlon Challenge, who have grown over the last three years and I am proud to have supported the hard work of the Panathlon organisation. It is an important and obviously enjoyable competition for all involved.

Further support in 2014/15 will enable more young disabled Londoners be involved in enhancing our Primary Panathlon programme and starting a girls’ football programme for the first time. We will report further in due course with progress on this newly funded Mayoral programme.