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Power Hockey Merseyside

October 9th, 2017

30 children from schools across Merseyside took part in the first Power Hockey tournament of the new academic year.

Broadgreen International School (Liverpool) were the division 1 winners narrowly defeating Sandfield Park A team 2 – 1.

In the second division final Lansbury Bridge A (St Helens) defeated their B team by same score of 2 -1.

Group 1
Woodchurch High
Broadgreen IS
Sandfield Park A

Group 2
Lansbury Bridge A
Lansbury Bridge B
Sandfield Park B


1. Lansbury Bridge A 1 v 0 Lansbury Bridge B
2. Woodchurch High 0 v 8 Broadgreen IS
3. Lansbury Bridge A 3 v 0 Sandfield Park B
4. Woodchurch High 1 v 2 Sandfield Park A
5. Sandfield Park B 1 v 2 Lansbury Bridge B
6. Sandfield Park A 1 v 2 Broadgreen IS
7. Final Group 2
Lansbury Bridge A 2 v 1 Lansbury Bridge B
8. Final Group 1
Broadgreen IS 2 v 1 Sandfield Park A

Congratulations to all those who took part during the day and to Greenbank staff and volunteers who ensured the day was an enjoyable event.