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We’ve never represented the county in anything before, so that’s great. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students.

Brianne Hogg, PE co-ordinator at Riverwalk School, Bury

Panathlon helps with the kids’ independence and helps them socially, meeting other children from other schools and just giving them a bit of experience of life outside of school.

Judy Wells, teaching assistant, Fairfax School, Birmingham

It’s nice to meet new people from other schools. I enjoy school, but this is a good opportunity to come out and take part. It feels good to be representing the school.

Callum MacDonald, aged 14, Croydon

Panathlon makes it easier to set up targets and motivate my kids. During lessons, if you keep reminding them of Panathlon, we improve their behaviour and everything else improves from there.

Maria Papazoglou, PE coordinator at Whitefield Schools, Waltham Forest

Panathlon is an incomparable opportunity for all to do a physical activity and have a social experience.

Janice Hingley, teacher at Corby Business Academy

The structure was brilliant. The format was for the kids. Usually we are tagged on to some event. Thus we don’t compete that often. This was the opposite. It was for the children and the children responded brilliantly having an event for them.

Lee Puckrin, teacher at Priory Woods School, Middlesbrough

Most of our students don’t get chance to take part in activities like this outside of school, so this sort of thing is invaluable.

Sally Proctor, teacher at Heritage House, Chesham

Panathlon is great because it allows more children the chance to join in and compete. It’s an event that doesn’t focus on their disabilities, but on what they are able to do. It levels the playing field and the children are all enjoying themselves today. It’s fantastic.

Dawn Catley, education engagement officer at Active Essex

Panathlon is brilliant for these kids, who just don’t get the opportunity to do this sort of thing outside of school. The sports are setup so well for children with a range of disabilities. It caters for everyone. It’s just brilliant.

Susie King, speech and language assistant at Stony Dean School, Amersham

Panathlon has been the main driving force behind sport in school. There was never any place for us to go and play sport of a competitive nature until Panathlon came to Essex, so we owe pretty much everything that we do to them.

Brandon Mullin, Head of PE at Beacon Hill Academy, Thurrock

“I’ve loved it times a trillion! Before it starts you’re nervous and excited and you want to win, but when you’re here you forget all that and just enjoy it. Being a team, you feel like you’re part of something and you feel that no matter whether you win or lose, you have someone to back you up.”

Mollie, Goldbeaters School

I enjoy coming out to Panathlon. I like the atmosphere of it all. It’s very loud – you can’t hear yourself think! There’s a lot of responsibility to be representing Worcestershire, but it feels good.

Grace Kempson, aged 15, Bromsgrove

This place is really fantastic. I swam so fast I was like a machine! When I finish I just feel so confident, happy and proud.

Freddy Leech, aged 14, Enfield

This was our first time at Panathlon and it has made our kids realise how much fun they could have and what they could learn. It has been a real eye opener for them!

Julie Markowycz, Lowerhouses Primary

I really enjoy it. Win or lose, it’s all about taking part. I feel very proud to be representing my school.

Ali Hussain, aged 15, Hammersmith & Fulham

Panathlon is brilliant. I’ve been coming here since the age of nine and enjoy it every year. I take part in the wheelchair slalom and the relay races. I love racing against others.

Jo Makumbi, aged 15, West Lea School, Enfield

“We have been talking about this event for months. We held the regional qualifier at our school so that has just built up the excitement. These days, it’s all about inclusion and a lot of mainstream schools are focused on competition, which leads to some less-able children actually being excluded. This [Panathlon] allows us to compete and it’s fantastic for the students and the school that they have reached this national level.”

Matthew Crowhurst, Moor House Head of PE

Panathlon is something I look forward to every year. It’s given these kids so much encouragement. For a lot of the kids it’s the only competition they are doing.

Marianne Sharpe, teacher at Samuel Rhodes School, Islington

We really value the Panathlon Challenge in the borough. Students from seven secondary schools make up the team. It is one of the most important events that we take part in every year. It’s a fantastic experience for all the children and year-on-year we strive to get better.

Elaine Burgess, partnership development manager for Barking & Dagenham

“Just to be in this venue is such an experience for our children. I think we were definitely the loudest team! They’re great role models for the rest of the pupils back at school due to their hard work and determination. Panathlon events develop teamwork, resilience and shows them that you get out what you put in.” 

Craig Rankin Beacon School Kent

I am hoping to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics in 400m swimming and the Panathlon is a great competition.

Charlie Hyde, aged 13, Romford, Essex

At the end of a Panathlon event I feel like it’s a big achievement for me, because I can’t really do many sports. This is one I can do, and I love it!

Thomas, 14, Brooksbank School

Panathlon is an extremely important competition. We have brought children along today who really worry about new things. Coming here gives them an opportunity to overcome their anxieties and take part in a wide range of fun activities whilst representing their borough.

Jon White, PE Teacher and Inclusion Lead at Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, Merseyside

I had two boys who said they’d thought of every way of getting out of doing this, but they volunteered for every race. One swum 10 metres unaided! He didn’t – and we didn’t – know he could do it.

Debbie Hancock, teacher at Reid Street Primary School, Darlington