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We’ve been to a few events in the past and she is usually the only student in a powerchair, so to come here today where she can compete against other students on a fair playing field is fantastic.

Caroline Rose, mother of Ella, a Year Four student from Barnet

This is the first time the school has competed externally, what an experience for them to come here with children from other parts of the region.

Roseanne Hutchinson, Delamere, Trafford

This has been brilliant experience for the children. We have really enjoyed competing in the Primary Panathlon over the past two years, and now that there is another opportunity for them to compete it’s all extremely exciting.

Julie, Teacher Hempsted Primary School

The most important thing here is that the children get to participate in a competitive event which has rules that you have to play within, but offers the opportunity to be successful no matter how good you are at it.

Paul Searle, teacher at Brimble Hill School, Swindon, Wilts.

“It’s good for Jamie to have a competition where he’s able to shine, like the wheelchair slalom. He’s a competitive boy. He may be limited by what he can do physically but when he comes here, he certainly comes to win, not just to take part.

Nick Keat, father of Jamie, aged 10, from Hammersmith & Fulham

We’ve never represented the county in anything before, so that’s great. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students.

Brianne Hogg, PE co-ordinator at Riverwalk School, Bury

This is one of the best experiences of my life. My favourite is the table top cricket because you get to really smash the ball. Panathlon has lifted my confidence and skills.

James Cole, aged 17, Barking and Dagenham

Today was my first ever football match and it’s been a wonderful opportunity. There were a few strong tackles this morning but I can cope with it – I’m tough! I’m going to put my medal on my bedroom wall when I get home.

Yoel Tesgay, aged 12, Lambeth

Today gives children confidence and it’s wonderful for their self-esteem. This is their first time in a swimming gala and it gives them a brand new experience in an amazing place like this.

Rebecca Taylor, Doncaster School for the Deaf

Panathlon really helps form the backbone of the PE activities that we do. We start in primary school so that kids get a taste, then it’s something that they aspire to take part in when they move up the school.

Fiona Bell, PE teacher at St Giles School, Croydon

It gave them an opportunity to excel in a world that they otherwise find difficult.  Giving them confidence and pleasure.  I thought it was brilliant that parents were allowed to come and watch.  It gave the children a real sense of pride – especially when they won.  It also gave an opportunity for the children and parents to really share something at home, hopefully supporting great and positive communication.

Jane Campbell, teacher at Great Baddow School

Look around at all the smiles here. These children don’t normally get chance to take part in any sports outside of school, but this is just amazing.

Laura Ball, teaching assistant at Shaftesbury High School, Harrow

Panathlon is great for Scott and has made him more confident. Years ago I had to push him to get him involved. Now he loves to participate and he will make the first move

Heather Pope, mother of Scott, runner-up at the 2014 Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement Award

Panathlon gives the children more freedom. At school they are restricted to their schedules, but when they come here there’s more going on. They can go around and observe other things as well as participating themselves.

Aaron Bint, PE teacher at Queensmill School, Hammersmith & Fulham

We are so excited to have finally won a Panathlon event after so many years of trying! It’s great for this group to be able to take part. Now they have won, it only increases the importance of this new event for them.

Cherie Lashmar, Head of PE Columbus College

I love competing against other schools as it’s great to meet new people. We’re over the moon and amazed to be going to the Olympic Park.

Danielle, Islington

We have a very small unit at school, so for the children to mix and meet others with hearing impairments was the first opportunity that they have had. They had a wonderful day.

Joy Pollard, teacher at Hawthorn Primary School, Birmingham

What an amazing day and a real joy to be part of it. I can’t believe it the kids can’t believe it. I thought the atmosphere in the hall was super and team spirit was in abundance.

Samuel Wade, teacher at Knowleswood, Bradford

Today allowed our children to shine in sport for the first time. Thank you for an amazing day. Long may we be involved

Hollie Williams, teacher at Topcliffe Primary School, Birmingham

It’s the best event we’ve been to so far. It’s a brilliant atmosphere and a really good competition. If you’d seen where these kids have come from, it’s incredible, especially one of our boys, Alley. This time last year he was terrified of water and now he’s competed here. I’m really proud of him. The children are so proud of themselves, when they go back to school, there is such a big fuss made of them and their confidence is boosted so much by it.

Sam Stevens, sports coach at Trinity School, Barking & Dagenham

Panathlon is the best competition we enter because it’s so inclusive. I can bring children to this that I wouldn’t even consider taking to anything else, because everyone can compete here. It’s really important that all kids get the chance to take part in sport.

Kirsty Wiseman, teacher at Parkwood Hall, Kensington & Chelsea

Panathlon for us is about getting the children out in the community, engaging with other people from different schools, competing, working on leadership and teamwork, but mostly just having fun.

Dan O’Brien, teacher at Woodfield School, Brent

I’ve really enjoyed myself, taking part in all the different activities. It feels brilliant to be representing my school. When I get back, I’ll show the teachers and everyone in school my medals. They’ll be proud of me and all my family will be proud.

Callum Roddis, aged 18, Warwick

I’m so proud of her achievements. The fact she’s alive is the biggest bonus we could have. To see her come back, compete and take part is amazing.

Naomi Vann, Teacher, Brent Knoll School