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We’ve got children who are in powerchairs, who don’t have access to many other events, but here they’ve got a chance to compete on an even level with other children from the area.

Carina Taylor, Head of PE at Chadsgrove School, Bromsgrove

Panathlon is good for us because it caters for those kids who don’t have much opportunity. It means every child gets to take part in a competition outside of school. It’s a privilege to be here and the kids love it.

Kamil Hajdrych, PE coordinator at Stormont House School, Hackney

I knew we would win again. I just knew it. This is fantastic. I am very excited and happy.  I just love the table cricket, which we won a gold in too.

Gemma Commons, aged 19, Wiltshire

For our kids Panathlon is the absolute highlight of the year. When we get back to school all of the kids will be there to greet them like returning heroes, like Olympians getting off the plane. It’s brilliant.

Richard Brown, teacher at Cricket Green School, Merton

Panathlon is something I look forward to every year. It’s given these kids so much encouragement. For a lot of the kids it’s the only competition they are doing.

Marianne Sharpe, teacher at Samuel Rhodes School, Islington

Panathlon really helps form the backbone of the PE activities that we do. We start in primary school so that kids get a taste, then it’s something that they aspire to take part in when they move up the school.

Fiona Bell, PE teacher at St Giles School, Croydon

It’s been amazing, it’s brought them really together as a team, they’ve enjoyed working together, it’s a good lesson on sportsmanship and learning that it’s all about taking part. It means a lot for the school to be able to take part in a much bigger event, than just what the school can provide. It’s very special.

Jess Russell, sports coordinator at Paddock School, Wandsworth

Win, lose or draw, it’s about giving kids opportunities to compete on an even scale against students of similar abilities. Everyone gets the chance to win a medal and you can just see their little eyes light up. It’s phenomenal really

Kevin Hughes, Assistant Head of PE at Arbour Vale School, Slough

Lillie had no confidence in the water, but today she amazed us, the activities made it so inclusive and the all the children surprised us what they could do, today gave children at Norfolk Primary a chance to shine.

Norfolk Primary Parent, Natalie Mitchell

Just having the opportunity to compete against students from different parts of the country is amazing. Panathlon can’t support us enough.

Jeremy Lonsdale, Greenacre’s PE Lead

We have a very small unit at school, so for the children to mix and meet others with hearing impairments was the first opportunity that they have had. They had a wonderful day.

Joy Pollard, teacher at Hawthorn Primary School, Birmingham

It’s an honour to be here. It means everything to me to take part in an event like this. I told my whole family about this and they really hoped I’d perform well. I feel very proud [to be representing Newham] and I won’t let anybody down.

Mercedes Jacdonmi, aged 12, Newham

“We’ve got more less-able pupils here now than in previous years. They simply don’t have the skills or athleticism to take part in tennis or football, but they can all access kurling or boccia – that’s the beauty of it. It enables all of our pupils to participate. Panathlon has enabled us to provide a much broader curriculum and range of sports, especially for more physically disabled children in wheelchairs. It has enriched our school provision greatly.”

Sherwood Park Deputy Headteacher Sue Fergusson

It’s particularly inspiring to see how far Panathlon has come as an organisation and how many lives have been touched. There is no better illustration of the power of sport than a Panathlon event.

Kate Hoey, MP and Commissioner for Sport for the Mayor of London

Our children aren’t involved in deaf activities other than through Panathlon. This competition means that all of our children can join in with something and everyone’s had a chance.

Marianne Haylett, teacher for the deaf at Kingsbury Green School, Brent

It has been amazing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Coming here to this huge place makes you feel nervous at first, but once you do it and get to the finish line, it makes you feel so proud of what you’ve done.

Jade Horsfall, aged 16, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

“We’ve done three Panathlon events now and these guys have been such a close-knit team throughout the rounds.  They had never even spoken to each other before, but this has brought them all together and they’re never apart now. Panathlon is such a blessing, it really is, It has been a real journey for all of them. I would feel terrible if these kids couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity. A lot of mainstream school, yes, it’s inclusive, but it’s very hard for them to actually get involved. This is totally different and it’s why they love it so much.”

Adam Alli, Rhodes Avenue School

Today allowed our children to shine in sport for the first time. Thank you for an amazing day. Long may we be involved

Hollie Williams, teacher at Topcliffe Primary School, Birmingham

Panathlon offers the most even playing field. It’s the one competition that caters for students of lower ability. It’s imperative that they get the opportunity to compete for their school and their borough. I love the ethos of the event and the competition.

Christie Moloney, Sports Development Officer at Ealing Council

Since we got involved in Panathlon, the kids all really want to do PE now. Their self confidence has just come on amazing. The more events we come to, the more the kids are getting used to it and the more they are enjoying it.

Andrea Griffiths, sports co-ordinator at Doucecroft School, Colchester

We’re a mainstream school so these kids would normally get very little opportunity to play for their school teams, so Panathlon is great for their self-esteem and confidence.

Annie Sturgeon, teacher at Highworth Combined School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Panathlon means everything to the kids. There’s nothing else for them where they can compete at sport, so it means the world to them. If it wasn’t for Panathlon they wouldn’t be competing.

Janine Edwards, teaching assistant at Whitmore High School, Harrow

Panathlon gives the children more freedom. At school they are restricted to their schedules, but when they come here there’s more going on. They can go around and observe other things as well as participating themselves.

Aaron Bint, PE teacher at Queensmill School, Hammersmith & Fulham

I’m so excited to be going to the Copper Box. It’s a big honour. When I get older I want to be in the Paralympics and it feels like I’m one step closer to that dream.

Rebecca Cavanagh, aged 15, Barking & Dagenham