Another 28 Panathlon officials have been trained this week in London. A group of 11 leaders from St Paul’s Academy in Greenwich and 17 leaders from Whitefields School in Barnet. We have now competed 8 leaders training days in London this term. With more to be done in January.

Jack Deary, Teacher at Whitefields said, “This group contains 7 BTEC PE Students, Sports Leaders Level 2 and 3 & Students involved in our Sporting Volunteer program. Most of these students are involved in local schools coaching PE as a part of our PE outreach program. Following this training I am now going to introduce local SEN schools that they can work in.”

Paul O’Donoghue, Teacher at St Paul’s said, “Thank you for providing us all with the opportunity to learn an array of innovative and inclusive games, I think it was evident from the pupils’ interest yesterday that they placed great value on the session you put on for us. Following this training, I am planning to involve these leaders in coaching these sports in our local schools. The games are very adaptable and will work well in the Primary Schools that we coach in for disabled and non-disabled children in our community.”