Royal Parks Runners Support Panathlon

A beautiful autumn day saw 25 runners taking to the streets of London’s Royal Parks (and one running remotely due to the train strike!) to raise thousands of pounds for Panathlon.

10 October 2022

Looking back and looking forward

Before the closure of all schools, the Panathlon Foundation charity was well on course for another record breaking year. Now the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to re-think how we engage our participants.

04 September 2020

North Suffolk Children benefit

Children with disabilities and special needs in North Suffolk have benefitted hugely from Panathlon’s relationships with schools in the area – and Jeffrey Hoey has been a key figure in…

04 September 2020

Father and son volunteer together

Father and son Russell and Oliver Flower have discovered huge benefits in volunteering together at Panathlon events, taking their involvement to the next level following Oliver’s many achievements as a…

04 September 2020

McKenzie’s journey through Primary School

McKenzie O’Reilly has just made the transition to secondary school and can look back with an immense sense of achievement at the benefits he has gained from Panathlon during his primary years.

04 September 2020

Record Breaking Day- March 12th

Panathlon continues to break participation records and March 12th saw us staging 9 competitions in one day. There were four in London, plus events in Havant, Merseyside, Doncaster, Hull and…

11 May 2020

Rapid expansion in Humberside

The Humberside region has been an area of rapid expansion for Panathlon over the last few years, building lasting relationships with key organisations in the region. School Games organisers incorporated…

11 May 2020

New Champions in North London

After dominating Panathlon’s North London scene for many years, reigning London champions Enfield were defeated by the barest of margins by Hammersmith & Fulham at Copthall Leisure Centre on Thursday….

12 March 2020

Southview & Doucecroft triumphant

The north Essex multi-sport Panathlon competition took place at Columbus School & College on Thursday (March 21) to find the first two teams that would qualify for the Essex-wide final…

22 March 2019