Neve Allen, Panathlon‘s Outstanding Achiever in Birmingham, was among 70 pupils from seven schools across the Birmingham area, to compete in the first day of Primary Panathlon team challenges at Nechells Community Sports Centre on Monday 7th November.

The icing on the cake for Neve was her school’s victory on the first day of the two-days of Primary events.

Lindsey McMahon, a teacher at New Oscott School said, “The school loves coming to Panathlon, again we had a great time and a successful first for some of our children. THANK YOU.”

While New Oscott struck gold on Monday, Rosary Catholic Primary School, from Birmingham, claimed the silver medals with 67 points, just two behind the Sutton Coldfield school.

The Rosary Catholic Primary School team
The Rosary Catholic Primary School team

Their PE Coordinator, Liam Mansell, said Panathlon was a great opportunity for five to 10-year-olds. “It helps them come out of their shell.”

Cherry Oak School in Selly Oak took bronze with 58 points. Their Physical Support Leader, Jo Gavin, said the school holds its own Panathlon sports events. “Panathlon meets and caters for the needs of our pupils with global development delay and behavioural issues,” she said. “We hold our own sports events with Queen Victoria School, which Panathlon organised for us.”

The day’s Young Leaders were supplied by Birmingham Metropolitan College, Stockland Green School and St Edmund Campion Catholic School.

Victoria Popoola. 13, of St Edmund Campion, said: “We enjoy seeing children of all abilities competing and love to help them have a go.”

The second day of the two-day West Midlands Primary Panathlon was also held at Nechells Community Centre, with nine schools and 10 teams competing, including one from Warwickshire.

Another hard-fought contest followed, with defending champions Montgomery going down to the wire with Birmingham rivals Topcliffe A, before Topcliffe A prevailed due to three wins – across table cricket, precision bean bag and flight path – and three second places.

Topcliffe School, winners on day two of the West Midlands Primary Panathlon
Topcliffe School, winners on day two of the West Midlands Primary Panathlon

Sam Beaven, teacher in charge of PE at Topcliffe, said: “We had a great day. It was the first time the children have participated in an out-of-school competition.

“What a win as well – medals and a trophy for the cabinet at school! That doesn’t happen often. It was such a well-organised event, so thanks Panathlon.”

Montgomery teacher Rob Bailey said: “It was another great day. We will be back next year to try and go one better.”

Beki Stoiber, a teacher at Park Hill, said: “The event was brilliant! The organisation, the staff and supporting students were really helpful and friendly. The venue was ideal and the activities were spot on for the kids in my group – a mixed bunch (VI, HI, cerebral palsy, global delay and autism).

“The children had a great time and came back to school beaming. This was their first chance to take part in a sports competition and they loved the medals, certificates and t-shirts. Their confidence levels rose throughout the day – both physically and emotionally.  I would definitely bring children along to your next event.”

Warwickshire School, Ridgeway competed externally for the first time, its teacher Sue Clark said, “Children from Ridgeway really enjoyed being part of this event, a great atmosphere prevailed and the range of activities was great for our children. Our children found it exciting and the element of competition was important without it being too obvious. It is the group’s first trip out of school together and they were so excited upon return to school and couldn’t wait to tell their parents on their first adventure outside Warwick”

Here’s a gallery of images from Harish Chavda, if you click on the image above left of Topcliffe School.


Day one: 1 New Oscott  69 points, 2 The Rosary 67, 3 Cherry Oak 58, 4 Longwill A 53, 5 Longwill B 51, 6 The Pines 50, 7 Queen Victoria A 44, 8 Queen Victoria B 33, 9 Lyndon Green 27.

Day two: 1 Topcliffe A 77, 2 Montgomery 71, 3 Wilson Stuart A 61, 4 Topcliffe B 55, 5 Park Hill 54, 6 Paget and Our Lady of Fatima 53, 7 Ridgeway 53, 8 Beaufort 52, 9 Timberley 47, 10 Wilson Stuart B 43.

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