On Thursday 6 March, Panathlon visited Birmingham Metropolitian College, Sutton Codfields in Birmingham for the second of our semi-finals. Wilson Stuart were the outstanding school of the day winning every competition and going through to the final on the 1st April in a very strong position. It was very close for the two schools battling it out for second place and the other qualifying spot.

Both New Oscott and Calthorpe finished on 42 points. To determine who went through, it eventually came down to head to head results comparison, and congratulations go to New Oscott who will be joining Wilson Stuart in the finals. For the full set of results see here

North Birmingham Semi-Final
The winning team from Wilson Stuart

For the report on the South Birmingham semi-final – please see here.

The Final on 1st April will therefore feature Wilson Stuart, New Oscott, Victoria and Hall Green.

A big thank you goes to the 28 leaders from Birmingham Metropolitian College, Queensbury School and Wilson Stuart School you all did a superb job!

One of the Teachers said, “Its a Great experience – all of the students thoroughly enjoyed the day and tried their hardest. Our leaders all enjoyed the experience of working with others.  It’s really good for them to help build their confidence in all areas of their lives.”

Jay and Ryan MLD – Queensbury School- “We both felt good helping younger children to learn how to play different games with other children.”

Hazara SLD – Wilson Stuart- “I have found that leading an activity is harder than it looks as there is so much to do.  However it became easier once I understood it.  The competition also taught me about responsibility and making sure that I gave appropriate answers to competitor’s questions. I have enjoyed the day.”

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