BP is supporting Panathlon’s work in 2020 by providing free fuel and offsetting its carbon emissions through the BP Target Neutral programme.

BP will provide fuel for Panathlon’s four vans that deliver events to over 400 venues across the UK. Last year, these events gave almost 22,000 young people with disabilities and special needs opportunities to experience competitive sport that they are often otherwise denied.

BP’s support will also offset over 33 tonnes of CO2 emissions from these vans’ journeys by investing in high quality carbon reduction schemes in various locations around the world.

Panathlon welcomes this new partnership with BP and the focus on further reducing its carbon footprint. We are also working with our suppliers of t-shirts, trophies, medals and certificates to make ourselves ‘carbon neutral’.

Liz Johnson, Panathlon’s Paralympic Ambassador, said: “This is an amazing commitment by BP. In these modern times, we need to be aware of our carbon emissions in all we do, so for BP to work with Panathlon in reducing our carbon footprint is fantastic news.”

Duncan Blake, director of brand for BP, said: “We’re happy to be able to support Panathlon in offsetting their emissions and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Through BP Target Neutral, Panathlon can be sure that they are investing in offsets that will have a real, positive impact on both society and the environment.”

Since 2006, BP Target Neutral has enabled a wide range of individuals and businesses to offset more than four million tonnes of carbon emissions, by improving BP’s products and services and then offsetting residual emissions by purchasing carbon credits from a portfolio of projects around the world. As well as reducing emissions, these projects also contribute to improving the lives of millions of people through better access to energy, health, education, and jobs.

BP is also supporting the British Paralympic Association in the run-up to Tokyo 2020, where it will be a key supporter of the International Paralympic Committee.