27 runners complete Royal Parks Hakf Marathon for Team Panathlon

After the success of Ten Pin Bowling at Chelmsford we held our second Ten Pin Bowling day at Colchester TenPin on Wednesday 9th July. Both days served as a trial for creating a new competition around Ten Pin Bowling. 45 children of all different ages from 5 schools all congregated at Colchester for a great day of competition. All schools brought a different amount of children ranging from a team of 4 to a team of 17 so deciding scores went down to the average score of the whole team. It was a great day  for all the competitors and for us as well as we learnt a lot and will take that forward in to future competitions. A very close competition in the end with a strong team from Edith Borthwick taking the North Essex and Suffolk 2014 Ten Pin Bowling Champions trophy!

  1. Edith Borthwick- 89.66
  2. Shorefields- 87.25
  3. Hillside- 77.6
  4. St Gregorys- 77.5
  5. The Bridge- 73.62

“Thank for a great day! We always love Ten Pin Bowling and the students don’t get the opportunity out of school. We are going to take all the scores from today and study them in our maths lessons.” Teacher, Hillside School

“It’s been a brilliant day and it’s great to bring different children to those whoattend the multi-sport competitions. These children can’t compete in the multi-sport but something like this is perfect for them. They have loved their day out and enjoyed the competition, thank you!”
-Vicky Beales, Shorefields School