Panathlon take all concerns and complaints seriously as they provide us with the opportunities to improve and maintain the very high standards we strive to achieve. We recognise that we may get somethings wrong and feedback will help us to rectify mistakes faster and learn how we may better improve quality and satisfaction.

  1. Scope
    1. This procedure defines the principles and methods to be followed for the resolution of complaints from users of its services.
  2. Notes
    1. All complaints are considered as complaints against the Panathlon Foundation Ltd, not against individual members of staff and volunteers even if the complainant names individual people.
    2. This Complaints Resolution Procedure is separate from the Code of Conduct and from the Grievance Procedure.
  3. Aims
    1. This Procedure aims to:-
      • provide an effective means for people who use the Panathlon Foundation’s services (or their representatives) to inform the Panathlon Foundation Ltd of any dissatisfaction they may have with the quality and/or nature of those services.
      • confirm the individual person’s right to complain and disagree.
      • ensure that complaints are acted upon effectively and impartially.
      • resolve complaints quickly and as close to the point of delivery as possible.
      • Inform planning and resource allocation.
    2. The procedure should result in the satisfactory resolution of the complaint, and information on which service improvements can be based. It operates across all areas of the Panathlon Foundation’s activities.
    3. The Panathlon Foundation sets high standards across the full range of services it offers and aims to deliver these standards at all times.
    4. As part of this commitment to service the Panathlon Foundation welcomes comments (negative and positive) on its performance.
    5. If you have a complaint, the Panathlon Foundation Ltd will need to know:-
      • your name and details of how to contact you.
      • details of your complaint.
      • what you want the Panathlon Foundation to do to put things right.
    6. The Panathlon Foundation Ltd will:-
      • treat your complaint fairly, courteously and in confidence.
      • acknowledge and investigate your complaint quickly.
      • give the name of the person dealing with the matter.
      • apologise if the Panathlon Foundation have made an error and will make every effort to put things right.
    7. The Panathlon Foundation has developed a simple complaint procedure, which will ensure that your complaint is swiftly resolved.
  4. How to report your complaint
    1. Step 1 – Initial complaint – minor complaints should be dealt with immediately.
    2. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service you receive, you should initially speak with the member of staff concerned. The Panathlon Foundation hopes that most complaints can be settled quickly as possible by this process.
    3. Step 2 – If you are not satisfied with the initial response you should write or email to:-
      The Panathlon Foundation Ltd.
      Thaxted Room, Novotel London Stansted Airport
      Round Coppice Road
      Stansted Essex CM24 1SF
    1. You will receive a written acknowledgement within 5 working days.
    2. Your complaint will be investigated carefully and thoroughly.
    3. You will receive a full written response within 10 working days.
    1. Step 3 – Formal complaint
    2. If you believe your complaint requires further attention you should appeal to the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Panathlon Foundation’s official complaint procedure will apply:-Please write to –
      Chair of Trustees
      The Panathlon Foundation Ltd
      Thaxted Room, Novotel London Stansted Airport
      Round Coppice Road
      Stansted Essex CM24 1SF
    3. You will receive a written acknowledgement (if possible within 5 working days).
    4. The Sport or Individual Complaints Panel will investigate your complaint carefully and thoroughly.
    5. After the hearing you will receive a full written response. The findings of the hearing and its recommendations shall be final.
  5. Sports Complaints Panel
    1. The Sports Panel will consist of teachers and /or classifiers with the knowledge of Panathlon to make an external judgement.
  6. Individual Complaints Panel
    1. The Panathlon Foundation Ltd will call a hearing within fourteen days at, which should be present:-
      • the complainant.
      • Any person nominated by the complainant who they feel will be of assistance to them. The name and relationship to the individual to be advised to the Chair prior to the hearing taking place.
      • A Trustee of the Panathlon Foundation Ltd.
      • the individual against whom the complaint is made.
      • Any person nominated by the individual who they feel will be of assistance to them.
      • A member of Panathlon Foundation’s senior management team.
    2. The findings of the hearing and its recommendations shall be final. (Note: Members of the Official Complaints Panel will not have had any involvement in the issue to which the complaint refers. In the event of individuals concerned having a prior involvement then alternative Trustees or a mutually agreed individual(s) will be appointed for the purpose)