Springwell School of Hartlepool completed a Panathlon double in 2017, with a victory in the Tees Valley Primary Panathlon at Eston Leisure Centre in Middlesbrough on 11th July to go alongside their multisport title in June.

The Hartlepool school (pictured above in green) beat nine other teams from across Tees Valley including last year’s champions, Reid Street, who finished second in this year’s edition.

Scott Mallabar, the lead teacher from Springwell said, “Another fantastic Panathlon event, all the children had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of challenging activities and nice for the primary children to have the opportunity like the multisport children did.”

Lisa Buckton of third placed Priory Woods said: “This was a fantastic and well organized event which is great for everyone. Priory Woods have competed in everything we could have this year with Panathlon and all age ranges across the school have had fantastic experiences. Panathlon is so important to the School calendar, the children get so much from these events, and they are great for self-confidence and overall development.”

Tees Valley July 10Sadie Skilbeck, the teacher in charge of Whitehouse teams said, “What a great event, fast paced, skill based, fun but competitive, relevant for all competing, all children well matched with one another.”

Springwell dominated the day with 7 victories in the ten sports, with Reid Street being consistent across the format with 8 top 3 finishes.

Full Results
1. Springwell 95
2. Reid Street 80
3. Priory Woods 75
4. Normanby 68
5 Whitehouse Red
6 Sunnyside 47
7. Whitehouse Blue 43
8. West Park Academy Silver 35
9.Whitehouse White 33
10. West Park Academy Purple 27

july 10 tees valley leadersNorthfield School of Stockton again provided the leaders (one pictured left) for a Tees Valley Panathlon event and again they demonstrated their excellence with an outstanding display of officiating and empathy with the children.

The School’s fifth Panathlon of the year saw the high standard achieved throughout the year again replicated and placing the school amongst the country’s best.

Thanks to St James’s Place, Northfields SSP and Tees Valley Sport.

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