Barking and Dagenham have continued their high participation levels at Primary Panathlon events with another great competition held for 7 local schools in the borough; Roding School, Northbury, Manor Longbridge, Grafton, Richard Alibon, Trinity and a new school to Panathlon, Eastbury, who were all in attendance to compete for the final time of the academic year. Although 6 schools had participated in the past, all schools brought new students who hadn’t competed before in a Panathlon.

With thanks to funding from the Wembley National Stadium Trust, a total of 58 students were able to compete and represent their school, many of whom had never done so before.

Lewie from Grafton School said, “This is the first time I’ve been to a competition and I’ve never won a medal. My favourite sport was the football game because the leader gave me a high five when I scored and my team all clapped for me.”

His teacher, Ola Salami continued “We’ve had a brilliant day. It’s been really inclusive and all of our children have been able to take part and compete in sport which is completely new for them.”

A huge thanks must go to the 21 leaders from Barking Abbey School who officiated across sporting activities including Flight Path, Table Cricket, Precision Beanbag, Parachute Popcorn, New Age Kurling, Messi Football, Volleybat and Basketball Shoot.

After a fantastic morning of competition in the aforementioned sports, the afternoon saw the students stretch their legs in 6 relay races before the medal ceremony closed the days activity.

1st   Roding (yellow)
2nd Manor Longbridge (black)
3rd  Northbury (purple)
Runners Up- Eastbury (green), Grafton (red), Richard Alibon (orange), Trinity (blue).

Thank you to the Wembley Trust for all of your support