Today was the second East London qualifier, this time at Langdon Academy. The Young Leaders came from Royal Docks School and Langdon Academy, and they have recently completed the Panathlon Young Officials Course to enable them to officiate todays event. There was a mixture of old and new faces among the Leaders, each very excited about the day.

For a few this was their fourth time officiating an event for Panathlon, with one saying; “Each event is more rewarding than the last, they are an inspiration to everyone and are such talented individuals.” For the ones who were new to Panathlon, they did not know what to expect from the day but were looking forward to the new challenge ahead and meeting all the competitors.

Following the progress of all the leaders throughout the day, all of them did themselves proud, with compliments from all the teachers.

All the children have amazing personalities and from Panathlon they all get the opportunity to do what they love, whether they win or lose the children enjoy themselves and receive medals as well; which always brings a smile to their faces.” Sports Leader, Langdon Academy

You can see more news on todays event including photo’s and the full results here.

Many of the leaders from today will be officiating at the East London Final on the 25th March at UEL Dock. All the leaders enjoyed their experience of the day whether it be their first time as an officiator or their fourth time. Have a quick look at our video below.

Thank you to The Jack Petchey Foundation for all your support.

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