On the 19th October Panathlon held its first Primary Regional Competition of the year, which took place at the Terrance McMillan Stadium in Newham.

Funded by the Wembley National Stadium Trust, the competition included a total of 110 students from 10 local schools in the East of London, many of whom had not participated in a Panathlon event before. Teams rotated around 9 different activities that were officiated by 29 leaders from Cumberland School before coming together for the medal ceremony at the end of the day.

In the early stages of the competition, it was Grange school and Portway who made fantastic starts. Rosetta school looked very good on Flight Path but it was the experienced team of Selwyn School who began to pull away. After the break, Harley school put in some solid performances, but when the results were counted it was Scott Wilkie (the green team) who came out on top after incredibly consistent performances across every activity, with Selwyn in second and Harley pinching the bronze medal.

Steve Peaty of Cumberland School in Newham said “these days are fantastic for both the leaders and primary students. Many of the leaders haven’t had experience of this type of event before and so it’s a great learning opportunity for them. For the primary students, you can see how much fun they are having socialising and competing…..and of course they’re all delighted to go home with medals