On Monday 9th June Panathlon held their first ever swimming competition in Newcastle at Lakeside Leisure Centre. 55 children attended from 4 different areas. All competing in a variety of different swimming races including invidudual races and team races. We held two age group competitions, one competition was for U20s with 3 teams competing and the other was for U12s with 4 teams competing. A great day of competition with some very close scores at the end. In the U20s competition it was Glendean from Durham who took first place with Sunderland only one point behind and taking second place. Here are the full set of results:

1st– 91 points- Glendean in Durham
2nd– 90 points- Sunderland
3rd– 75 points- Gateshead

In the U12s competition it was very close as well with only two points separating first and second place. It was the team from North Tyneside. Here are the full set of results:

-65 points- North Tyneside
2nd-63 points- Glendean in Durham
3rd– 56 points- Gateshead
4th– 49 points- Sunderland

Congratulations to North Tyneside and Glendean from Durham who become Panathlons first Newcastle swimming champions! Also a big thank you goes to the leaders from Tyne Metropolitan, you did a superb job! 

Keith Vincent- Gateshead Team Manager
‘This is a brilliant programme, it certainly gets the least able kids involved and allows them to have the freedom in the water. This will help our swimming links with the local club.’

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