The Panathlon Football Competition moved to Catford Soccer Centre today for the South London Boroughs. We had 12 teams from 7 boroughs, 6 U13 Teams and 6 U16 Teams, involving 70 footballers in all.

Lambeth narrowly won the U13’s, after they tied with Bexley, though won due to a superior goal difference. Bromley came a notable 3rd place, with there strong defensive record, only conceding 8 goals over their 5 games.  Lambeth won the U16 competition, with Kensington & Chelsea,  second. Kensington & Chelsea score the most amount of goals across all the teams with 25! Throughout the day a huge 156 goals were scored amongst the 30 games played.

Jo Leadbetter, teacher at Woodside in Bexley was delighted to find two of her students really getting involved, Reece, who normally doesn’t take part in PE, played every game, including scoring a goal. Jo said, “Reece is quite low of confidence and often clings on to staff during PE, however today, he’s been a revelation.” Reece was not the only player that stood out for Bexley, Jo continued, “Bryon has played an important part in our team today. Normally he’s disinterested, today, he’s played the last 2 games and we couldn’t get him off the pitch!”

Well done to you all, and we’ll see Lambeth and Greenwich who came 2nd in total when points added for both competitions, in the Football Cup Final at Wembley on February 27th.

Catford - Lambeth, Lansdowne
Lambeth Team, from Lansdowne School