Hello All.

The second Panathlon Challenge football tournament took place yesterday, Tuesday 25th, at Langdon School in East Ham. Teams from Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets certainly did not disappoint!

Before we even started it became apparent that the 2 goalkeepers from Hackney were only wearing one glove each. The reason for this? Their coach had only brought with him 2 gloves…..which were for the same hand. For the sake of his dignity, he shall remain nameless!

The teams competed in a total of 12 matches, with 46 goals being scored, at just under an average of 4 per game, and the goals that were scored were of the highest quality.

Two of the most spectacular goals were scored during matches between Hackney and Newham. During the U16 match, Hackney’s Joel made a darting run down the right wing, skipping over challenges with the referee playing advantage. Without hesitation he then hit the ball like a rocket, in off the far post, with a shot that would have left Petr Cech grasping at thin air. It was a goal that would grace any World Cup match, never mind the Premiership, and would be a contender for Goal of the Month!

However, it was later matched in the U13s game. Newham earned a corner, late in the game, on their right hand side. Travis calmly clipped the ball to the edge of the area, and with pinpoint accuracy picked out teammate Kevin, who swung his left foot at the ball, making perfect contact. The ball flew into the goal, and nestled into the net, still having not touched the floor since the kick was taken.

Newham ended up winning the combined football tournament, with Hackney 2nd and Tower Hamlets in 3rd. Well done to you all !

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