30 children from 2 schools competed at Aldershot today as part of the Hampshire school games competition. The two school Baycroft and Hollywater taking part in the multi-sport competition.

In all the 2 teams enjoyed 3 matches of table cricket, 6 matches of kurling, 4 full games of boccia and 12 sets of polybat. The players, in between matches, were able to get involved at the field athletics stations with all the sports ready to go when the players arrived. As usual, we finished with the relay races.

Congratulations to Baycroft who won the competition and will progress into the South East Regional finals, to be held next term.

With us was Helen Turner, GB Wheelchair Basketball star & Panathlon Patron. Helen spoke to Hollywater school, “We came last year. This is suitable for all our children. All the games are at the right level for them & they like to have a go & compete. Their medals will be given at Assembly to share with the whole school. We do most of these sports at school, so they are familiar with them and able to play them here today at the Panathlon. The parents are very pleased to see our school competiting against other schools!”

Baycroft school told Helen, “One very shy pupil has been brought out of their shell today and got very involved. This pupil has enjoyed being a part of this event and have got involved much more than usual, they’ve loved it!”

Thank you to the leaders from Peter Symonds College Winchester and supported the competition superbly.