On the 16th June 2014, Panathlon visited Sobell Leisure Centre in Islington to deliver a Primary Panathlon Coaching day. 51 students from 5 local primary schools who haven’t previously had the opportunity to take part in Primary Panathlon activities were introduced to 5 different primary games, including New Age Kurling, Boccia Ball Blast, Flight Path, , Precision Beanbag and Polybat.

The feedback was fantastic and Panathlon will now continue this provision in to next year.

“Thanks for a brilliant day. I have never played precision beanbag before and me and all of my friends liked trying to beat each others score.” Charles, Student at Samuel Rhodes Primary.

“I have been learning lots of different sports today and my favourites were Polybat and precision beanbag. I want to do lots more of these days because me and my friends really have fun.” Faithful, student at Laycock Primary School

“Today has been a great day- we’ve had great feedback from teachers and students so hopefully we can put lots more of this activity on next academic year” Dave Bateman, SSCO Islington

Thank you to Wembley National Stadium Trust for all you support.