Heroic Jack Kirkby was among 37 hardy souls who battled the wind and rain on Sunday morning in the Royal Parks Half marathon to raise money for Panathlon.

The stunning 13.1 mile route takes place around London’s world-famous landmarks and four of London’s Royal Parks – Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens.

Last week, before the event, we told Jack’s inspiring story  – which began when he was left severely visually impaired as a child after a collision with a van while doing his paper round. Now, 19 years on, he was determined to raise money for Panathlon, whose competitions helped him fulfil his love of sport after his accident whilst a pupil at Linden Lodge School. He now works at the school and also raised money for them on Sunday. (Jack’s story made it into the Wandsworth Guardian).

Sunday was Jack’s first attempt at a half marathon, guided by two colleagues from school; Tim Richmond (left) and Nick Miller (right). All three crossed the line in under three hours to complete a remarkable achievement.

“After nine miles I could have quit but with support from my guides and other participates I kept going!” said Jack afterwards. Tim added simply: “It was emotional!”

You can still support Jack’s fundraising efforts for Linden Lodge and Panathlon by visiting his page here.

The trio were supported by other Southfields Academy and Wandsworth runners, Stephen Elson, John Judge, Ella May Miller, and Christine McNeill all pictured below, in the mud, at the end!

A huge thanks goes to our friends from Investigo who had a remarkable 17 runners pounding the streets for Panathlon as part of their fundraising efforts this year. The Royal Parks Half was just one fundraising event amongst many, having chosen us as their charity of the year. It has capped a busy few weeks of tough mudders, golf days and football tournaments raising funds for Panathlon.

Thanks also to EQ Investors, IFL (pictured right), Wagonex and everyone else completing the course and raising funds for us along the way. Every penny you raise will go toward providing more sporting opportunities for young people with disabilities and special needs. Thank you sincerely for all your fundraising efforts.

Provisional race results for Team Panathlon are as follows;

1. Edward Dullaway, Investigo 1.37.48
2. Haresh Vaya Investigo 1.42.23
3. Stephen Elson, Linden Lodge 1.42.44
4. John Judge, Southfields 1.46.18
5. Graham Pile, Investigo 1.48.03
6. Carlos Tobon, IFL 1.50.59
7. Toby Kernon, Wagonex 1.53.43
8. Chris Cleland, Investigo 1.54.03
9. Derek McKenzie, Investigo 1.55.17
10.Matthew Bewick, Investigo 1.56.09
11. Richard Brook, Investigo 1.56.09
12. Ian Iceton, River & Mercantile 1.56.57
13. Louise Horton, IFL 1.59.07
14. Kate Tierney, Investigo 2.02.04
15. Chris Bradley, EQ Investors 2.02.16
16. Harry Rawson, Investigo 2.03.23
17. Matthew Gould, EQ Investors 2.05.30
18. David Taylor, Investigo 2.05.39
19. Sara Horder, Investigo 2.09.14
20. Kieran Dines, Investigo 2.09.49
21. Madeline Park via Southview School 2.09.58
22. Nick Baxter, Investigo 2.10.08
23. Rick Park via Southview School 2.11.47
24. George Arnold, Investigo 2.14.36
25. Ben Pothecary, Investigo 2.16.58
26. James Park via Southview School 2.17.15
27. Luke Colley, Investigo 2.17.46
28. Claire Cooper, IFL 2.22.09
29. Chris Rayner, Colchester High 2.23.00
30. Paul Collier, Investigo 2.23.25
31. Dan Boyle, IFL 2.27.50
32. Alexandra Davies, EQ Investors 2.28.58
33. Ella May Miller via Southfields Academy 2.32.19
34. Christine McNeill ,Poplar Primary 2.32.19
35. Jack Kirkby, Linden Lodge 2.57.28
36. Nick Miller, Southfields Academy 2.57.29
37. Tim Richmond, Linden Lodge 2.57.29

More photos to follow soon!