This week Panathlon has been in Kent preparing 44 Sports Leaders for the first round competitions coming up across Kent next week.  We visited The Malling School first to train their leaders and leaders from Holmesdale College, a partner school to Malling School. They will host the West Kent competition on the 1st May. Then we visited Sittingbourne Community Colllege, who will host the Central Kent competition on the 30th April and finally to Urusline College near Margate, who will host the East Kent competition on the 2nd May.

“I found this course really rewarding and enjoyable. The activities were unique to the ability of the participants and were fun for us to take part in too.”
-Chloe Blackburn, Student Sittingbourne Community College

“I’ve learnt lots of different and interesting games to play with disabled children; that I can use in the future.”
-Poppy Best, Student Sittingbourne Community College

“This is a fantastic course that my students really enjoyed. It has given them the opportunity to learn a range of activities suitable for disabled people. This course fits in well into our Level 3 Sports Leaders course that they are studying. To complete one of their units they need to work with people with disabilities; so, the Panathlon fit in perfectly. I spoke to a couple of students later in the day, after the course, and they really enjoyed it. They even said they can’t wait for next Wednesday, which was lovely to hear!”
– Sam Kennett, Teacher Sittingbourne Community College