Over the last 3 weeks Panathlon has trained a total of 102 students from 6 Schools and Colleges across London.
This is to prepare them for the first round of London competitions in January and February. We have visited and trained:

18 A-Level leaders at Featherstone High School, Ealing
33 leaders at Westlea SEN School, Enfield, involving Westlea and Southgate School
13 leaders from Whitefields School, Barnet
24 leaders from St Paul’s Academy, Greenwich
14 leaders from Langdon Academy, Newham

Last academic year we trained nearly 1,000 Young Leaders across the country, giving them a practical course and then hands-on real experience officiating at a Panathlon Competition. This year will be even bigger and better! Already this term we have delivered 23 courses in various locations including, London, Merseyside, Suffolk, Yorkshire and Birmingham involving 440 Young Leaders who will go on in 2015 to officiate at one of the many competitions planned. See here –

In London, we look forward to 3 more training courses during the first 2 weeks in January. Alongside those training days we will be going to 2 special needs schools to provide a coaching day, this is to help to develop and improve their sports skills, leadership and also teachers coaching skills.

Teachers have commented recently –
“The Panathlon Training has provided our Students with new skills, increased confidence and a great awareness of the needs of others. It also feeds in to the requirements of GCSE Officiating, leadership and Umpiring.”Kirsty Pacey, Teacher at Southgate School, Enfield

” This was an extremely enjoyable course for our year 11 students. They have developed their skills in a range of activities, working in teams and developed an appreciation for those with special educational needs. We are really looking forward to the big Panathlon event in January. Judging by today, I am sure that our students will benefit from running this competition.”

Marion Coram-Ware, Enfield “Well done Westlea Students. 5 hours of non-stop action and decision making, learning how to be friendly whilst being in charge”

“Panathlon is not just about playing, it’s about making things happen” Michael Donnelly Teacher at St Paul’s Academy

Thank you to our funders:
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