Panathlon recently began delivering a number of in-school tennis lessons to deaf children. We have been into deaf schools and deaf units around London. Norwood Green Junior School in Southall were the first school to undertake the 3 week program, in which 12 students participated.

For the majority of the students, this was their first introduction to tennis and so we focused on the basic skills of the forehand, including the movement, technique and ball control. All students made significant improvements over the 3 weeks and we hope to see them at the Panathlon Deaf Tennis Competition in the summer of 2014.

“Thank you so much for the tennis lessons. The children really enjoy them and it’s good for us to see their skills develop from one session to the next. For most of them, tennis isn’t a sport that they play a lot, so this has been a great introduction. We’d love to have more sessions in the future and we’ll be sure to attend the competition next summer!”
Vhaire Stewart, Teacher at Norwood Green Junior School

“I love playing tennis and I am getting much better. The first week I hit the ball over the net once and now I can do it nearly all of the time. Hopefully we can come to the competition so I can play against other people and win some prizes!”
Harry, Student at Norwood Green Junior School