Panathlon Challenge has adopted ‘Inclusive and Active 2’, the new five year sport and physical activity strategy for disabled people in London.

‘Inclusive and Active 2’ has been created in partnership between the Greater London Authority (GLA), NHS London and Interactive. With a vision of active disabled Londoners, it aims to increase participation levels of disabled people, change the perception of disabled people being active and embed sport and physical activity within the mainstream provision.

Stewart Lucas, Chief Executive of Interactive said “By adopting ‘Inclusive and Active 2’, Panathlon Challenge will play an active role in transforming how disabled people in London access sport and physical activity. Their adoption will signals a commitment to increase inclusive opportunities and to strive to ensure disabled people view being active as a viable lifestyle choice for them.”

By adopting ‘Inclusive and Active 2’, Panathlon Challenge has developed an action plan detailing how they will implement targets under each of the five themes of the strategy. Key areas include a lead officer, strategy champions, engagement with disability partners, equality training and volunteer opportunities.

Ashley Iceton, from Panathlon Challenge said “ We are delighted to be one of the foundation agencies to adopt ‘Inclusive and Active 2’ and warmly welcome the strategy to increase participation levels by disabled people in sport and physical activity”.

Panathlon Challenge joins a strong and ever growing partnership of London agencies with strategic and provision responsibilities for sport and physical activity that have adopted ‘Inclusive and Active 2’ and are making it a reality.

Notes to editor

‘Inclusive and Active 2’

‘Inclusive and Active 2’ is a London wide strategy co-owned by the Greater London Authority (GLA), NHS London and Interactive. Its vision is active disabled Londoners. It identifies targeted outcomes to increase opportunities for disabled people to participate in sport and physical activity at the level of their choice. The success of the strategy relies on a plethora of organisations across London to adopt the strategy and implement an action plan to achieve the targets relevant to them. ‘Inclusive and Active 2’ is live and available to download on the following websites.

Greater London Authority (GLA)

NHS London



Interactive, a registered charity is the lead strategic development agency for sport and physical activity for disabled people in London. Our vision is to achieve an active and inclusive capital. We ensure disability equality and inclusion are at the heart of grass root sport in London. Our role is to influence and support mainstream sport providers and policy makers to ensure they create, deliver and sustain inclusive opportunities for disabled people. We use our expertise and influence across London to advocate inclusive sport and inform and advise disabled people on how they can get involved, at all levels, in sport and physical activity in London.
Panathlon Challenge has been delivering competitive opportunities for young disabled Londoners since 1999. It will invest £250,000 in sports equipment and coaching funds in 30 London Boroughs in 2011 and expand to all 32 London Boroughs by 2012. Panathlon are delivering 15 multisport competitions between January to June 2011 across London. Panathlon will also be delivering sporting opportunities in Essex, Kent, Merseyside, Wiltshire and other areas during 2011, involving around 2,500 disabled young people in total. The Panathlon charity is supported by the Mayor of London, Football Foundation and the Jack Petchey Foundation.