Panathlon at-home challenges

Panathlon has re-launched its multi-skills challenges for students to do in their homes and gardens in order to stay active and engaged during Covid-19 lockdowns and school holidays.

Using everyday household items such as jam jars, rolled-up socks, tin cans, buckets and plant pots, students can hone their skills in a safe environment and ensure they’re in prime form for when our external competitions hopefully return later in 2021.

We launched the first at-home challenges in October 2020 and have now added more activities and instructional videos to coincide with the third national Covid-19 lockdown, which began on 4 January, and the widespread closing of schools for most pupils.

There are now over 30 at-home challenges to take part in. Here are some of our new activities for 2021:

Boccia snooker

Through The Gap

Noughts and Crosses

You can download full guides to these at-home challenges, including video examples of each activity and scorecards. We have divided them into Table Games, Target Games and Garden Games.

To download the guides, just click the relevant link below.

Panathlon at Home – Table Games

Panathlon at Home – Target Games

Panathlon at Home – Garden Games

After you’ve completed the challengesstudents can fill in their scorecard and email it to to receive a certificate. 

Participants can let us know how well they’ve done via social media by using the hashtags #PanathlonIndoorGames or #PanathlonGardenGames 

If you have any questions, please email

Good luck everyone!