Manor School Panathlon

Panathlon has launched a series of activities to support teachers delivering sport and PE to classes which are divided between school and home through lockdown.

While most school children are learning from home during the third national Covid-19 lockdown which began on January 4, a sizeable number of vulnerable and key workers’ children remain in school.

This presents a significant challenge for teachers to keep both sets of children engaged in parallel, especially when it comes to physical activity.

Panathlon’s accessible range of multi-skills challenges for pupils with disabilities and special needs can be completed in the classroom or playground, and simultaneously by pupils in their own homes or gardens.

We have come up with three downloadable guides tailored for primary, secondary and special-school pupils.

In each guide, there is a link to an instructional YouTube video clearly explaining how to perform each activity, which are split into categories – Balance and Agility, Target and Throwing.

(For activities which don’t yet have a guidance video, you’ll find instructions in our At-Home Challenge guides which you can download at the bottom of this page).

Click the links below to download the relevant guide for your school:

Tony Waymouth, Panathlon’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The latest lockdown and partial closure of schools has meant we’ve had to adapt our Virtual Programme to meet everyone’s needs and make lessons as easy as possible to deliver.

“We hope these guides and videos will enable schools to keep students with disabilities and SEN active and engaged in appropriately targeted physical activity, even though they are dispersed between school and home.”

For any further information or to discuss further, please contact (07807984103) or alternatively email