Hello everybody! The Panathlon Challenge 2010 season is well underway, with the regional finals coming soon after half term. The last week has seen another high quality football coaching course run by Panathlon for its coaches and borough co-ordinators. Jointly run between Panathlon Challenge, The Wheelchair Football Association, Aspire and Tottenham Hotspur FC, the Powerchair Football coaching course was a HUGE success. 25 candidates learned the history and theory behind the game, including the equivalent to the offside law, which provoked a lot of thought and initial confusion! The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the experience of controlling – or attempting to control – a powerchair. Whilst most of the 17 candidates were comfortable enough with moving the chair, at the lower speeds at least, it was a different matter when it came to controlling a ball! This greater understanding gained about how a chair behaves and just how difficult it is, should help our coaches with their work. Each region now has its own ‘hub’ centre where powerchair football will be delivered for players in the surrounding boroughs. Each region will enter a team to represent it in the main London finals on June 24th. For more information on Powerchair Football, the Junior Kit Scheme, Grading Model, or any other aspect of the Panathlon Challenge football programme, please do not hesitate to contact me! Matthew Edwards, Panathlon Challenge Football Co-ordinator matthew@panathlon.com A quick snippit of action if you click below !