Today we delivered another Primary Panathlon – this time in East London. The reaction of the teachers, Young Leaders and Competitors can be read below….


Karen Pincott, Inclusion Manager, Mead Primary School, Havering

“We attended the previous Primary Sports Event in February this year and had such a wonderful time we are overjoyed to being invited back here today. Prince, one of our pupils with severe language impairment described the day as, “The best day of my life!!” High praise! I had other children begging to come to this event again but with limited places available, to maximise the number of schools involved, I had to say no. They had the right hump with me! This is a wonderful day, encouraging a great deal of social interaction. This is a such an important aspect of the language resource of learning. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making Primary Panathlon Competitions happen.”

Teacher at Northway Infants School, B&D

“We had a fantastic day at the Panathlon Challenge and we all really enjoyed all the great activities, it was so much fun. The children can’t wait to tell all their school friends about it.”

See some of the photo’s from the day here

Richard Alibon Primary School

Teacher – “We learnt to win and lose. A big thanks to all who organised this event”
Reece – “I liked Kurling because it easy to score and fun to play”
Cayden – “Enjoyed Flight Path game, trying to hit the target with the balls”
Mrs Davy, “Very well organised”
Elexxa, “I like the parachute with the balls going everywhere”
James, “I liked dribbling the ball around the cones then kicking for goal! I scored!”
Mr Toth, “The Cumberland School Leaders were amazing”

Leaders views –

Salma & Subatha -“We thought it was brilliant seeing disabled children having fun. We were happy to be a part of it. All the games were easy and fun to play. The children got used the games really quickly and enjoyed themselves.“

Ikiran -“It was a really fun experience. All the children had a smile on their faces and it was an honour to see them like that. I love events like this, they are a fun experience to be a part of.”

Thank you to Hilton in the Community Foundation for funding these Pilot programmes.

The winning team from Hylands & Ardleigh Green

Placings / Colour / Schools Involved in that team

1st PURPLE Hylands & Ardleigh Green
2nd GREY Mead & Havering Schools
3rd YELLOW Ravenscroft
4th ORANGE Alibon
5th RED Tollgate & Thames View
6th GREEN Northbury & Southern Road School
7th BLUE Carpenters