We have been busy this term in the county of Surrey with a four fold expansion to our Primary Panathlon programme.

Panathlon have hosted four regional competitions across the School Sport Partnership regions: South East, South West, North East, North West, in partnership with Surrey School Games Team ‘Active Surrey’.

Hammond School (Pictured above) were winners at the day at our North West competition, held at Woking Lesuire Centre, and qualify for the finals. We caught up with Sarah, mother of Oscar who competed with his school, “Oscar attends a mainstream school and knowing how much he loves sporty type activities I knew if he felt at ease it would be right up his street, however there’s always a worry with a new environment, lots of people and noise, but he LOVED it and had the biggest smile on his face the entire morning!”

“It was my first experience of Panathlon and an event where kids, despite their differences or hurdles they face, they’re included as part of a team. I know someone was super chuffed with his medal and I very much enjoyed the awards ceremony, Alfie [his brother] and Oscar kept acting it out together before bed this evening.”

The two winning teams from each of the four competitions qualified for the finals on 4th July at Charterhouse School. In all we have seen 220 children competing from 30 local primary schools with 70 leaders in support. This represents a large expansion in our program in Surrey, as for the previous three years we had only delivered one competition.St Polycarps, winners at Surrey Sports Park

Karen a Deputy Headteacher at St Polycarp’s School (pictured right) said, “What a wonderful event it was. I can’t tell you the boost to the self esteem the children have received. One of our disabled girls mum’s came up to me and said her child couldn’t stop talking about it last night.”

“One child who had never been to a district sports event before came in with his medal on this morning and said he had slept with his medal beside him he was telling everyone who would listen all about it. You’d have thought he’d won an Olympic Gold. Sometimes we forget what a positive thing sport can be for every child.”

Abigail Price, Active Surrey Schools Lead said, “Thanks again for such a fantastic event. I saw some of the schools at a meeting last night and feedback has been brilliant!!”

Sarah Williams, Active Surrey Schools Manager said, “Thank you! A well organised event, and the best part is the absolute inclusiveness of it – LOVED IT!”

The Surrey finalists to compete at Charterhouse School on 4th July are:

From South East Surrey
– Wray Common School (Pictured top of page)
– Furzefield

From South West Surrey
– St Polycarps
– Guildford Grove

From North West Surrey
– Hammond
– Freemantles

From North East Surrey
– Cardinal Newman
– Holy Family

Thank you to our team of 71 Young leaders from Reigate School, Farnham Heath End, Hoe Valley and St Andrews School (pictured below) for helping make these events possible! And we look forward to seeing our finalists on the 4th July!


To add to our Primary programme, it’s been a busy year in Surrey with Panathlon activity. In February, Moor House School hosted the Panathlon swimming with 40 swimmers taking part from 6 schools and in June we hosted the multi-sports at Surrey Sports Park, with 75 competitors from 8 schools involved.

Active Surrey