Panathlon is delighted to be chosen as one of 25 charities to receive a share of £1.25million from the annual award fund of the ScottishPower Foundation. 

The award fund aims to help specially chosen charities make a positive difference to people’s lives in many diverse communities across England, Scotland and Wales. 

Panathlon is one of 11 charities to have been chosen in England, and the new partnership was launched at the Buckinghamshire Primary Panathlon Final at Stoke Mandeville Stadium (have a look at the picture gallery here). 

Mike Thornton, Chairman of the ScottishPower Foundation, said: “Each year it’s incredible to see the applications received from projects across England that are making a life-changing difference to people in their communities. We’re so pleased to announce this year’s funding package for 25 projects across the UK, which are all doing incredible work to make a real difference to their communities and the people living in them.”  

Tony Waymouth, Panathlon’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The Panathlon Foundation is a charity that unlocks sporting opportunities for over 17,500 disabled children and young people each year. The donation from the ScottishPower Foundation will help us reach wider communities, boroughs, counties and regions to hold sport competitions and significantly improve children’s self-confidence and self-worth, their mental health and fitness. The funding from ScottishPower Foundation is going to allow us to do incredible things for children across England!”  

The ScottishPower Foundation was established in 2013 with the aim of making a significant and lasting contribution to society, enhancing the lives of people living in communities throughout the UK. It provides funding to registered charities which are involved in the advancement of education, environmental protection, citizenship and community development, science, the arts, heritage or culture as well as the prevention of poverty and relief of disability or other disadvantages.