We have already held 3 big primary panathlons in North, East and West London and following their success we held one in the South oOn the 24th June. This time 6 schools were involved from 4 South London Boroughs encompassing 52 students competing. The majority of the schools competing had previously had in-school coaching across the 8 Primary Panathlon acitivites including Flight Path, Boccia Blast, New Age Kurling, Volleybat, Mess Football, Parachute Popcorn, Table Cricket and Precision Beanbag.

After fantastic results in New Age Kurling, and demonstrating excellent skills in Messi Football, Foresters School took an early lead. There were impressive results in table cricket from both Marjorie Mclure School and Riverside School whilst Redgates School and St Giles School excelled in Flight Path. However, after a long days competition, the overall winners were Foresters School from Sutton, just ahead of Woodside School and St Giles.

“Thanks for a great day, these primary events are fantastic for our students and pitched at the right level. It’s the first time some of our students here have taken part in Panathlon activity and we would love to have some in school coaching next year ready for another South London Competition.” Fi Bell, Teacher at St Giles School Croydon.