Panathlon received a £25,000 donation from the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK in January 2020 to fund part of our primary-age sporting activity for the year ahead.

To launch the partnership, Jas Sura, Kuldip Sura and Kevin Sweeney from the Foundation attended Panathlon’s Essex Primary Swimming Final on 29 January at the London 2012 Aquatics Centre to officially hand over their donation.

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK receives donations from Pranic therapists, volunteers and donors, meditation groups and seminars.

Kuldip, secretary of the Foundation, commented : “As Trustees we look to donate to charities where 80-85% of the money is used by the end beneficiaries.

“Panathlon was recommended to us and from what we have seen today, it is a very deserving charity. This is our contribution to help these children.”

Kuldip continued: “We don’t just like to help charities financially, we like to develop a partnership where we can help in many ways including physically, mentally and psychologically by way of Pranic techniques.”

Kevin, a Pranic therapist and volunteer added: “Ideally our partnerships develop to where we can incorporate the healings to give people self-empowerment tools. It is the fastest growing complementary therapy in the world at the moment.”

After Wednesday’s swimming gala, Panathlon staff were given a complementary Pranic session by the side of the pool.

Tony Waymouth, Panathlon’s Chief Operating Officer said: “We thank the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK for this kind donation which will enable us to further expand our ever-growing primary programme. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will develop in the future.”