One of the original Panathlon sports dating back to 1999, boccia still features strongly in the Panathlon programme today.

We deliver boccia coaching and competitions across London and counties throughout England and the sport also features as part of our multi-sport programme. We also deliver boccia training which includes courses on officiating and eligibility.

Panathlon also runs county and regional events in conjunction with Boccia England for the Under-19 National Schools Programme for physically disabled young people.

This competition sees winning county teams take part in one of 12 regional competitions, with each regional winner going forward to compete in the Lord’s Taverners National Final.

As part of Panathlon’s work in impairment groups, we also deliver Visually Impaired (VI) Boccia and Deaf Boccia.

We coach VI students on how to play the game and use the specific equipment needed, such as the VI grid.

We also host a qualification competition for the VI National Championships.

The Deaf Boccia programme sees us coach pupils, run leadership courses and hold regional competitions.

In 2018/19 over 40 boccia competitions took place, involving over 1300 competitors!

We introduce boccia to our youngest competitors at Primary Panathlon events through a game called Boccia Blast. As well as providing opportunities for children of all age groups to play this Paralympic sport, Panathlon also delivers Boccia Leaders and Boccia Young Officials training courses, instructing young leaders as to the rules of boccia and providing some insight into the advanced tactics of the sport.