The programme, which develops skills in line with the national curriculum (Key Stage 1 & 2), was developed to help address basic physical literacy needs for primary-aged children along with training needs for primary school teachers.

Primary Panathlon sports include parachute popcorn, polybat, precision bean bag, new age kurling, boccia blast, flight path, skittles, slam dunk, Messi football skills and table cricket.

After a successful pilot in early 2013 – involving 250 children from 28 primary schools at four trial events – the Primary Panathlon programme programme began in earnest in 2014, funded in London by the Wembley National Stadium Trust (WNST).

The first year was a huge success, with 25 events across London involving 1,700 pupils from 174 schools. A further 1,000 participants from over 100 schools took part in 13 Primary Panathlon events held outside of the capital.

Thanks to further investment from various partners across the country, Primary Panathlon has boomed and last year we delivered 125 separate Primary Panathlon competitions in 30+ counties involving over 6,500 children aged 5-11.

Highlights include National Finals for SEN children in mainstream at the Copper Box Arena, and National Finals for Special Schools at Stoke Mandeville

Take a look at a Primary Panathlon event in action in the video below.