We stage pan-disability ten-pin bowling competitions, as well as specific events for deaf children, blind or visually impaired students, pupils with learning difficulties and those with physical disabilities.

We began holding ten-pin competitions in 2014 and their popularity continues to grow each year.

Vicky Beales, a teacher at Shorefields School in Colchester, Essex, summed up what particpation meant to her pupils: “It’s been a brilliant day and it’s great to bring different children along to those who attend the Panathlon multi-sport competitions.

“These children can’t compete in the multi-sport but something like bowling is perfect for them. They have loved their day out and enjoyed the competition, thank you!”

A teacher from Southview School in Chelmsford echoed those sentiments, commenting: “It has been a fantastic day and a great opportunity to show the older children that there are sports outside school that they can join in with and compete in. Something like this really encourages them to get involved. They’ve all loved their day out!”