Panathlon have held numerous events over the last few years which Brookfields SEN school in Reading has had the opportunity to access.

The school sees Panathlon as one of the only charities who are truly inclusive and striving to include all pupils including those with profound multiple learning difficulties.

All pupils who have been chosen to represent the school at the events have thoroughly enjoyed them and have created a sense of belonging to their team, something that is not normally afforded to children with SEN.

Matt Crozier, a PE teacher at Brookfields, reflected: “At our school we think it’s really important that PE is competitive. The outside world is competitive so these opportunities to win, lose or draw are vital for them.

It’s all about having a new experience, coming somewhere different, getting the chance to work as a team and meet other pupils from different schools. The games are nice, simple activities that they can all do. It’s very inclusive and so valuable for them.”

Kelley Hope Stone, the swimming instructor at Brookfields, greatly embraced the chance for a swimming gala. She reflected: “This has been great for them to experience competition. We do a little bit within the school, but competing against other schools adds an element that’s new to them. The team events were particularly good, as it teaches them that they have to rely on each other in order to achieve results.”

Tor Carter, the Head of PE at school said, “Panathlon has also assisted with teacher training, at our school to include pupils with SLD. This was a fabulous morning which was well organised and accessible for a large number of our pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties. The team has been in contact and we were planning on hosting an event at our school to include pupils with profound multiple learning difficulties in the future to further enhance in-school learning.”

Brookfields great success has culminated in being crowned, ‘National Special School Primary Champions in 2019 at Stoke Mandeville’ Pictured left celebrating the win!

Thanks to our funders for making this possible.

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