Chloe Wingrove and Angel-Jane Moloney were named joint runners-up by the judges in Panathlon’s 2023 Jack Petchey Foundation Outstanding Achievement awards. 

Chloe, a pupil at Doucecroft School in Colchester and Angel-Jane, from Drapers’ Academy in Romford, were both highlighted for their achievements in sport and leadership in spite of adversity caused by their special educational needs. 

Panathlon’s annual Jack Petchey Foundation awards recognise the finest Panathlon competitors, Young Leaders and schools in London and Essex. 

Year 8 pupil Chloe has autism, ADHD and sensory issues but taking part in Panathlon’s multisport, swimming and 10-pin bowling competitions has provided a platform for huge self-development in many areas.   

She now excels in PE, does horse riding and swimming outside school and will start sports leadership training in September. She is an ambassador for the Multi-School Council, which aims to change perceptions of learning disabilities in mainstream schools.  

Doucecroft School’s sports coordinator Andrea Griffiths said: “Chloe is a very considerate, helpful and thoughtful young lady. She will do anything for anybody. She often helps me set up for PE, always encourages younger pupils if they’re worried about taking part and enjoys demonstrating her skills.”  

Due to her ADHD and autism, Chloe initially really struggled with turn taking, sharing and winning and losing. She arrived at Doucecoft having never taken part in PE at her previous mainstream schools and having been separated from her classmates.    

“Doucecroft has made an unbelievable difference to her – and Panathlon has undoubtedly been a key part of that,” said Chloe’s father Leroy Wingrove. “All along she’s just needed the right access and opportunities and now she has those.”  

Mum Stephanie added: “Chloe always looks forward to Panathlons and comes back absolutely buzzing. It has a hugely positive impact on her to know she’s been a part of something.”  

“It’s really helped her socially and gives her a channel to meet new people. She loves helping people and will notice if a child is on their own. She will take it upon herself to help them come out of their shell. Panathlon has given her a safe way of doing that.”  

The other runner-up in the Jack Petchey Foundation Outstanding Achievement awards for 2023 is Angel-Jane Moloney. 

Angel-Jane has autism and hyper mobility issues in her legs and suffers from anxiety caused by new instructions and fear of doing things wrong. However, the in-school Panathlon club has become a vehicle for her to develop not just physical stamina but resilience and determination.  

After initially refusing to take part, Angel Jane is now an ambassador for the school’s Panathlon club. She recruits new members, motivates and encourages her peers, explains the rules and is a positive role model. Her teacher says: “It has immensely improved her social skills – she is now a very confident young person through this role at school.”

Angel-Jane’s mum Nicola said: “Angel-Jane has improved her social skills and has been a role model to her peers. She motivates others and we couldn’t be more proud of her. She has come such a long way and achieved so much!” 

Tony Waymouth, Panathlon’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Chloe and Angel-Jane excel not only through taking part in Panathlon, but also through supporting and encouraging their peers. Those qualities really mark them out as special individuals. We congratulate them both, as well as staff at Doucecroft and Draper Academy for helping them blossom through the opportunities we provide.”