Malachi Edewor’s remarkable list of achievements has been recognised with Panathlon’s top 2024 Jack Petchey Foundation Outstanding Achievement award.

Malachi, a pupil at Riverside School in Haringey, has global development delay – but his condition has not prevented him being appointed as the school’s Head Boy. His teacher Michelle Beekharry says this amazing outcome “would not have happened without Panathlon.”

Malachi is the 16th winner of our illustrious Jack Petchey Foundation Outstanding Achievement award. Each year, the winner, runners-up, Young Leader of the Year, School of the Year and Hassan Ahmed Sporting Award winner are chosen from nominations that flood in from across Panathlon’s competing schools in London and Essex.

For 16-year-old Malachi, sport has always been important because he finds academic work very challenging. In PE, he has always shown talent and tenacity. Sport is his chance to excel – and engaging in Panathlon for the last six years has given him enormous confidence.

Miss Beekharry said: “Malachi has attained the highest standard of PE. Other children within the school aspire to the levels he has set. He has used Panathlon, PE and other creative activities to allow him to shine.

“He is not an academic learner but a visual learner – he replicates through seeing and watching. He does a drill then he advances that drill, which is different from other children with global development delay.”

In his role as sports ambassador, Malachi collaborates with the school’s PE Lead to drive PE forward, helping choose and purchase equipment, select kit and set team culture so Riverside’s teams can represent the school in the best possible way.

For the last three years, Riverside has held a School Games Gold Mark and Malachi is part of the process as the school strives to attain a Platinum mark.

As Head Boy, his roles include parental talks, speeches and sitting on the school council. He captains the Panathlon team, participates in Tottenham Hotspur in the Community football sessions and is the only SEN child in a mainstream Tottenham academy squad.

“Malachi would not have gone through this progression to being Head Boy without Panathlon,” said Mrs Beekharry.

He has gone from a follower to a leader. He has recently completed work experience at his old primary school, The Brook, where he used Panathlon activities in PE and sport sessions with pupils and now coaches in the holiday clubs.

Gabriel May, Partnerships Officer at the Jack Petchey Foundation (pictured above presenting the trophy to Malachi), said: “I have been so impressed by Malachi’s achievements, both on and off the pitch, and he thoroughly deserves this award.

“He is a very talented sportsperson but also an impressive and inspirational young leader. When you give young people opportunities and support they can accomplish so much, and Malachi’s journey with Panathlon is a perfect example of this. Well done Malachi!”

Tony Waymouth, Panathlon’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Malachi is a worthy winner of our 16th Jack Petchey Foundation Outstanding Achievement award. We are thrilled to hear how important Panathlon has been for him, helping him to overcome significant barriers and become a true role model to his peers.”