Doncaster School for Deaf were crowned winners of the South Yorkshire secondary Swimming Final at Ponds Forge International pool on Tuesday.

The Doncaster school pipped Kenwood School from Sheffield, by 1 point. They took the title in the event, which went down to the last team challenge!

The gala, which saw 53 pupils compete from 8 schools, was kindly supported by the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, and Dawn Wood & Helen Solly, from Links SSP.

Rebecah Taylor, from Doncaster School for the Deaf said, “Barry felt so happy that his team came first in the competition. His friend Sudio felt the same, she was very surprised and so thrilled. None of the team had any expectation of winning.

“They all thoroughly enjoyed it and now can’t wait to have the opportunity to get back in the pool, in a competitive environment. The swimmers felt privileged to receive not only medals and certificates but take home limited edition towels.”

“The kids always really enjoy Panathlon. They’re really well organised which keeps the kids focused. They just love doing something that’s fun and active”.

Helen Solly, who supported second place Kenwood, an ASD school said, “All the students really enjoyed the gala. It was great to see the school bring supporters, as it reinforced the students mind-set; usually these children don’t compete.”

The day’s Young Leaders were provided by Park Academy, where 7 students participated in and out of the pool ensuring the event ran smoothly. The teacher in charge, Sara Naylor said, “it was a well organised event and provided my students with the opportunity to work with disabled pupils, which they don’t normally have.”

Results from the South Yorkshire Secondary Swimming Final:

1. Doncaster School for the Deaf 67pts
2. Kenwood 66pts
3. Heritage Park 55pts
4. Sheaf/Bents Green 44pts
5. Greenacre 39pts
6. Springs Academy 35pts
7. Kelford 33 pts

Thanks to the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation, Jane Tomlinson Appeal and the Links SSP

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