Today Panathlon delivered the Primary Panathlon for the first time in Surrey with 7 schools taking part at Surrey Sports Park.

Our charity Patron, Helen Turner, was on hand to cheer the competitors on and award the medals and trophies.

62 children enjoyed getting involved in the all sports, it was Manor Mead that took the Gold Medal overall.


1st      Manor Mead
2nd     Ridgeway
3rd      Carew Academy
4th      Gosden House
5th      Portesbury
6th      Brooklands
7th      Arbourvale

Gosden Schoo gave a glowing report of their day at the Panathlon.  They said the children had had the most  amazing experience and that to see them so totally involved had’ brought tears to their eyes’. The children themselves loved the day and the amount of language they used to tell me about was incredible.

This is what some of the players had to say

Hussain from Carew Academy, “It was very fun, I like the football & polybat game the most.” Ryan, “It was fun. Can we do this again?”

Matt from Manor Mead, “I liked kicking the football up high!” Michael, “I liked chasing the balls”

Teachers Comments

Gini Lara, Assistant Head at Manor Mead, the winning team said, “We had a fabulous day. At last an event for Primary aged SLD children! Thanks for organising such a brilliant event and to win was a bonus we were not expecting!”

Gary Hilton, Assistant Head at Brooklands School, “Great day. Lots of fun with accessible events. Really happy to see an event aimed at children with Severe Learning Disabilities. Great atmosphere. The leaders have been very active and competent delivering the games. Will definitely come again. Thanks.”

Portesbury School mentioned the leaders, “The leaders were very enthuastic and supportive of all the students. They weren’t phased by any of our querky behaviours! The activities were well thought out and accessible to all of our students. They had a great time.”

Selwyn Hughes, Teacher at Carew Academy, “Lots of different games to try and the young leaders were so helpful, fantastic event.”