Marianne Sharp, Samuel Rhodes School, Islington

”My young students are only able to have a couple of moments of concentration so to do a big ‘sports day’ with people they have never met before and join a team was a big big challenge for them all. Today every one of them achieved so many things, for example,

1) One student who played Boccia, he made friends with the two other boys from Islington and they made a great team supported each other throughout the competition.

2) I had two girls who played in the mixed U13 Football. They thought the competition was fantastic and scored a few times too. They were so chuffed that won the Gold Medal for playing a sport they love.

Samuel Rhodes School has never taken part in the Panathlon before, and some of the games they have only just started to learn – we are now bringing in the coaching of Panathlon Sports in to our PE lessons.

What made an impression on them was meeting other pupils from the other schools and being a part of the bigger Islington Team. This was a first. They really enjoyed all the sports.

For me, as their teacher, I was proud of them all. They all gained so much and work so well with each other, The bus ride home to Samuel Rhodes was noisy with excitement and when we got back they all raced off to the other teachers at school to show off their trophy.

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