Reid Street Primary School of Darlington won the first Tees Valley Primary Panathlon in Stockton on the 12th July.

The Darlington school (pictured above) beat nine other teams from across Tees Valley and Durham.

Nicola Bunn teacher from Reid Street said: “This was a fantastic and well organized event. The young leaders worked well with all the children and the activities were suitable for all ages and ability.

The pace between the activities was spot on capturing the children’s imagination. Overall a day to remember and we recommend Panathlon to anyone”

Daniel Fryer, a student at Reid Street School said, “My favorite activity was volleybat. I have three letters for the day – F.U.N “

Reid Street dominated the day with 5 victories in the ten sports, with Priory Woods A team and the team from Durham, Trinity School- battling it out for second place with Priory Woods school who secured the runners-up slot by 1 point from Durham Trinity.

Full Results
1. Reid Street 88
2. Priory Woods A 72
3. Durham Trinity 71
4. Pennyman Academy B 62
5. Ash Tree A 53
6. Ash Tree B 51
7. Pennyman Academy C 50
8. Sunnyside 48
9.Pennyman Academy A 43
10. Priory Woods B 29

Northfield School of Stockton again provided the leaders for a Tees Valley Panathlon event and again they demonstrated their excellence with an outstanding display of officiating and empathy with the children.

CnKL3YgWAAADVZPLucy Stubbs who attended the London Final as a country wide selected leader commented on the Primary Panathlon “This the first time we have participated in a Primary Panathlon. It is so active with children always engaged. The day again shows how the children love competition and this allows them a great first time experience”

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