• The Mayor and I are delighted to be supporting the Panathlon Final, the culmination of a year-long programme of fantastic sporting activity. The Panathlon Foundation do incredible work that benefits thousands of young disabled Londoners and their appearance at the Copper Box Arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a fitting finale to the year.

    Kate Hoey ex -MP Commissioner for Sport
  • I’ve been coming to Panathlon events for years and what never ceases to amaze me is how much enjoyment the athletes get from the competition and how competitive they are. But what is truly amazing is how the event has now grown. With over 200 events a year now, Panathlon really has cemented itself in the sporting calendar.

    Danny Crates, Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder in the 800m (T46) and Panathlon patron
  • It’s fantastic what Panathlon does for disabled children. When I was first disabled and in a mainstream school, PE was really limited and the teachers didn’t really know what to do with me. If Panathlon had been available to me then, it would have helped me a lot for sure.

    Freya Levy, a member of the Great Britain wheelchair basketball team
  • Panathlon is always fun, but it’s not just about playing games. It’s about competing for your school against another school. The kids feel proud about that and want to do well. They love it.

    Helen Turner, triple Paralympian wheelchair basketball player and Panathlon patron
  • The Panathlon Challenge is unique and I hope that many more young people have the opportunity to take part in the future.

    HRH Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward

“Panathlon makes you realise as a parent that your child can do so much more and you then want to push them that little bit more. It has made Jack more adventurous and he’s willing to try more things. It has made such an impact on his life and confidence.”

Barbara Greer, mother to Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement award-winner Jack

“Watching their peers achieve success and win trophies has a big influence on some of our other pupils. It makes them want to try harder themselves, not just in sport but in other aspects of their learning. It is really important to us at Doucecroft that we’re able to be part of Panathlon. It means a lot.”

Louise Parkinson, Head Teacher at Doucecroft School in Colchester

“In the first lockdown, we saw how Panathlon rose to the challenge. I was absolutely amazed by the number of resources they sent out for us to distribute to schools and home to parents to really engage children who were missing out. I was so impressed by how Panathlon suddenly pulled out all the stops to offer support.”

Gill Newlyn, Youth Sport Trust’s Essex Inclusion Lead

“We really enjoyed taking part in all of the Virtual Panathlon swimming challenges. It’s something a bit different to their normal structured lesson. It was fresh and exciting and more fun. It was really joyous to watch them get their medals and certificates at the end and seeing their faces light up. They really, really loved it.”

Lisa Inett, swimming instructor at Charlton Park Academy, south east London

“It’s boosted the competitive spirit in the school and encouraged our pupils to really ‘have a go’, which is exactly what I’m trying to achieve. Using your Virtual Panathlon model has really helped build our own framework for how best to engage the pupils in competitive sport across the board.”

Michelle Cook, PE Lead at Dee Banks School in Chester

“Panathlon really changed things for me. It changed the ‘mood’ of sport and what I felt I could do despite my disability.”

Harry Bowtell, former Panathlon Young Leader, now Events Assistant

“I remember counting down the days to my first Panathlon as a Young Leader. I was just past myself with excitement! Once you’ve done Panathlon it becomes part of your life.”

Emily Treweek, Teaching Assistant and former Panathlon Young Leader

“The way that Panathlon organise their events brings the pupils together. They’re well structured, there’s good sportsmanship and it’s presented in a positive, non-threatening way. Our hearing-impaired pupils support each other, it develops their social skills and promotes their self-identity and self-esteem.”

Mina Kaur, Teacher of the Deaf in Darlington

“Our children have very complex needs and disabilities, and one of the things that struck us immediately is that Panathlon was able to offer them an element of competition and challenge. We had a medal ceremony at the end and it really gave us a sense of community and celebration. It felt like a special day.”

Melanie Burrough, Head of Therapy at the Children’s Trust School

“The pandemic was a difficult time for schools – we were bombarded. But Virtual Panathlon was so clear, so precise and easy to follow, and the children’s reaction was just amazing. I got some fantastic feedback from schools who were soon asking for more.”

Gill Newlyn, Youth Sport Trust’s Essex Inclusion Lead

“Virtual Panathlon has revitalised what we do in PE. Sport and PE is a key part of the children achieving and living a fulfilled life. We need to give them opportunities to find out what they’re good at, and this does exactly that.”

Emma Monaghan, Head Teacher at Gillas Lane Primary School in Sunderland

“The Virtual Programme has given a new buzz to the school. The programme shows teachers that it’s easy to teach PE. It’s all there on the Virtual Panathlon YouTube videos and session plans. There’s such a smooth movement through the activities and there’s adaptations throughout. It also meets all their targets in a fun, engaging way.”

David Ball, Movemenet Coordinator at Kingsdown School,Essex

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“Panthlon’s Virtual Programme has provided more variety and lots of different options, especially during the times of various Covid restrictions. It has given us ideas for how to use PE resources in a different way. It has given our learners lots of fun, teamwork and a sense of achievement.”

Sarka Viehoff, Heritage House School in Buckinghamshire

“Building up to the Panathlon competitions helps his concentration and focus. It definitely has a knock-on effect on the academic side. Supporting him with his anxieties and difficulties contains many different elements and Panathlon is a crucial piece of the jigsaw.” 

Nina, mum to Doucecroft pupil James Barrett

“ It is really important to us at Doucecroft that we’re able to be part of Panathlon. It means a lot. Watching their peers achieve success and win trophies has a big influence on some of our other pupils. It makes them want to try harder themselves, not just in sport but in other aspects of their learning.”

Louise Parkinson, Head Teacher, Doucecroft School

The variety of multi-sport competitions that specifically targeted SEN pupils just fitted the bill. It was immediately obvious that Panathlon was pitched perfectly to their needs and abilities.

Emma Turnbull, Stockton School Games Organiser

It’s good to help other people have fun while having fun yourself

George, Young Leader at Mildmay School in Essex

Our staff have all commented on how this opportunity has made a huge difference to the Young Leaders’ self-esteem and confidence. We are very grateful to Panathlon. They all absolutely loved it!

Mildmay School, Essex

The attitude of all the pupils taking part was wonderful. Everyone represented their school team with great joy and tried their best at each station of activity

Hillcross Primary School, Merton

Their independence has grown over the last couple of years and this has definitely been helped through their participation in Panathlon.

Southwood Primary, Barking & Dagenham

Primary Panathlon sounded like the perfect way of allowing the primary age to play sport in a team and most importantly, where they could be involved in everything. The school now has it as a central part of its PE and lunchtime sports clubs now exist for the younger children.

William Bellamy School, Barking & Dagenham, London

The school wanted to give children and outlet for lessons and this opportunity was too great, allowing pupils to develop their competitiveness, understand how to accept winning and losing, and improve their social skills and confidence.

Chadwell Primary

Since the majority of deaf children are mainstreamed, there is little opportunity for them to discover deaf participation only sport. Panathlon is instrumental in being able to deliver this awareness and enable deaf children to participate in deaf sports with each other.

Blanche Neville, London

They look forward to it each year. I see pupils today that are the happiest they have been all year. It is great going back to Stoke Mandeville to represent the county as well”

Kingfisher School, Abingdon