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I’m so excited to be going to the Copper Box. It’s a big honour. When I get older I want to be in the Paralympics and it feels like I’m one step closer to that dream.

Rebecca Cavanagh, aged 15, Barking & Dagenham

I’m so proud of her achievements. The fact she’s alive is the biggest bonus we could have. To see her come back, compete and take part is amazing.

Naomi Vann, Teacher, Brent Knoll School

It’s great for the kids to have the opportunity to take part in sport. When I was a kid you would never have got anything like Panathlon. It’s only right that they get a crack at sport the same as any other kid. Sport is great for him.

Jim Reid, grandfather of Robert Walter, joint winner of the 2014 WNST Primary-Aged Achievers Award

Our children couldn’t wait to get back to school and show all the children and teachers their trophies and medals. They walked around the school like the champions they are and that is all thanks to the Panathlon event and the organisers.

Southwood School, Barking & Dagenham London

What a fantastic event. The atmosphere throughout was one of encouragement and support. All the young people swam incredibly well and loved competing in this type of environment.

Stuart Johnson, The Park School of Blackpool, Team Manager

Today has really inspired the children to want to carry on swimming. They feel super proud knowing that they did the best for themselves but also their team. The feeling of, ‘Are we actually here and doing it ?’ resonated through everyone.

Towers Junior School, Havering.

“That was amazing! Out of 11 other schools, in fact out of the whole country, we are the champions! I am pretty impressed with myself. I can’t put it into words!”

Freddie Southern, 13, Moor House

Some competitions we go to are looking at some of the more elite students, but at Panathlon everyone has the opportunity to experience that competitive edge against their peers.

Kevin Hughes, Assistant Head of PE at Arbour Vale School, Slough

Panathlon is about breaking down barriers and our students all absolutely love it. These kinds of sporting opportunities are difficult to come by, so when Panathlon suggested we took part, we jumped at the chance.

Treetops School, Essex.

I’m shocked. I’ve never won anything before. I’m proud to do this with my mates. I am over the moon.

Andrew Saxton, Bents Green, Sheffield

Panathlon is so inclusive. We’ve got kids with physical disabilities, some in wheelchairs, autistic children and kids with learning difficulties. It’s a very inclusive event, which is exactly what we’re looking for.

Liam Welch, teacher at Billing Brook School, Northampton

“This is really rewarding. You can tell that the kids really love it. We work at a school for severely disabled children so to see how the different children learn and react is fascinating.”

Faye Lahiffe, PE apprentice from Lonsdale School

The range of Panathlon activities are always great for our children. The children find it exciting and the element of competition is important without it being too obvious and overbearing.

Victoria School, Birmingham

Panathlon provides an opportunity for students who otherwise wouldn’t shine in PE. The opportunity to compete at this level wouldn’t be there otherwise. It’s a brilliant opportunity and it’s why our schools are willing to give so much time to Panathlon, because where else are you going to get this quality of event?

Lesley Montague, teacher at Jo Richardson School, Barking & Dagenham

Panathlon makes it easier to set up targets and motivate my kids. During lessons, if you keep reminding them of Panathlon, we improve their behaviour and everything else improves from there.

Maria Papazoglou, PE coordinator at Whitefield Schools, Waltham Forest

It’s been amazing, it’s brought them really together as a team, they’ve enjoyed working together, it’s a good lesson on sportsmanship and learning that it’s all about taking part. It means a lot for the school to be able to take part in a much bigger event, than just what the school can provide. It’s very special.

Jess Russell, sports coordinator at Paddock School, Wandsworth

Prior to being involved in Panathlon, all we could do was what we did on site at school with our own kids. We weren’t involved in competition with other schools, so this is fantastic.

Caroline Wells, Director of Doucecroft School Services, Colchester

“This is an experience that they don’t usually get at all. It’s great for them to be somewhere where they know Olympic and Paralympic athletes have competed and it gives them a huge sense of achievement.”

Leanne Judd, SEN class teacher, Eastfield School

Our children aren’t involved in deaf activities other than through Panathlon. This competition means that all of our children can join in with something and everyone’s had a chance.

Marianne Haylett, teacher for the deaf at Kingsbury Green School, Brent

Since the majority of deaf children are mainstreamed, there is little opportunity for them to discover deaf participation only sport. Panathlon is instrumental in being able to deliver this awareness and enable deaf children to participate in deaf sports with each other.

Blanche Neville, London

There’s so much benefit to being chosen for a school team, especially for these young ones who don’t get to be in the football or netball team. Children who haven’t succeeded at anything before are succeeding here. I go to loads of sports competitions with our children but none are as rewarding as this.

St. Polycarps School, Surrey

Panathlon is mega for our school. It’s very important that everyone gets the chance to play sport. It’s all about equal opportunities isn’t it? It’s great for the kids to show what they are able to do.

Cally Knight, special needs support assistant at Hounslow Heath School, Hounslow

Our school benefits from the Panathlon events because they give our pupils meaningful competition that is accessible to all abilities. All Panathlon events we have attended have been flexibility to tailor activities to the needs of our group so we can maximise pupil engagement.

Fox Wood School, Warrington

It’s a good experience. People can’t always get out and do active things but this helps bring people together and make friends.

Mia Paton, aged 15, Islington