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I have really enjoyed it today and it’s nice to play against people from other schools. It’s the teamwork I love. It means the world to me. I really love Panathlon

Harry Akudi, aged 15, Wakefield

I’m shocked. I’ve never won anything before. I’m proud to do this with my mates. I am over the moon.

Andrew Saxton, Bents Green, Sheffield

Without Panathlon, McKenzie Wouldn’t have had the opportunity to represent his school in any sporting event. Panathlon has made him enjoy sport and accept that he and others can achieve through sport.

Kerry O’Reilly, Parent

I love competing against other schools as it’s great to meet new people. We’re over the moon and amazed to be going to the Olympic Park.

Danielle, Islington

The kids love it. They really enjoy Panathlon and, being in a mainstream school, they really appreciate getting these opportunities. It’s really important.

Liz Johnson, teacher at Riddlesdown School, Croydon

The children were all so nervous, as they aren’t confident in the water. The structure of the events means they can compete. They all supported one another and every-one of them was glad to have had this experience and again compete in a competition with their peers. Thanks for accommodating my pupil with medical needs, this is something Panathlon does really well and yesterday was no exception, both she and her parents thought the day was perfect.

Simon Ash, a teacher at Mildmay School

I never thought I’d win the wheelchair slalom. It’s the first time I’ve won anything at Panathlon. I feel great. We play sports at school and practice hard at them.

Ahmet Arnavut, aged 18, Bromley

Just having the opportunity to compete against students from different parts of the country is amazing. Panathlon can’t support us enough.

Jeremy Lonsdale, Greenacre’s PE Lead

Our children aren’t involved in deaf activities other than through Panathlon. This competition means that all of our children can join in with something and everyone’s had a chance.

Marianne Haylett, teacher for the deaf at Kingsbury Green School, Brent

We have a very small unit at school, so for the children to mix and meet others with hearing impairments was the first opportunity that they have had. They had a wonderful day.

Joy Pollard, teacher at Hawthorn Primary School, Birmingham

“That was amazing! Out of 11 other schools, in fact out of the whole country, we are the champions! I am pretty impressed with myself. I can’t put it into words!”

Freddie Southern, 13, Moor House

One of our children said it was the first time he’d ever won anything in sport.

Shirley Bond, PE coordinator at Stratton School, Gloucestershire

“This is an experience that they don’t usually get at all. It’s great for them to be somewhere where they know Olympic and Paralympic athletes have competed and it gives them a huge sense of achievement.”

Leanne Judd, SEN class teacher, Eastfield School

It gave them an opportunity to excel in a world that they otherwise find difficult.  Giving them confidence and pleasure.  I thought it was brilliant that parents were allowed to come and watch.  It gave the children a real sense of pride – especially when they won.  It also gave an opportunity for the children and parents to really share something at home, hopefully supporting great and positive communication.

Jane Campbell, teacher at Great Baddow School

Panathlon is brilliant. I’ve been coming here since the age of nine and enjoy it every year. I take part in the wheelchair slalom and the relay races. I love racing against others.

Jo Makumbi, aged 15, West Lea School, Enfield

My favourite things about today were the races, the medals and the freedom. I felt fresh, healthy and free in the pool. The ball race was my favourite.

Riley Kane, aged 11, Lowestoft, Suffolk

“I have so enjoyed making friends in other schools and academies. Panathlon has been really good for our school and has helped us so much. I love the water and the venue is just amazing. I have my Panathlon medals in a safe box at home. I am going to keep them and show my grandchildren!”

Sammy Farrant, Priory School

“Panathlon gives my pupils with severe learning difficulties a sense of belonging. It’s such an amazing opportunity, it gives them an immense sense of achievement. They get huge attention and praise from their peers back at school for it and it inspires the younger ones to join in when they’re a bit older. When they compete at school in sport it’s more fun-based and against their own peers but when they go out of school to places like this they learn about what it means to be competitive. The kids really respond to that. It’s been a long trip but it’s been so worth it.”

John Rice, PE co-ordinator at Merefield School

Panathlon is important to us. We run our own festivals and various SEN clubs, but this gives us a competitive outlet; something to work towards. It’s great for the kids.

Steve Peaty, Newham team manager

Panathlon gives disabled children something which they can achieve for themselves. They all want to do Panathlon.

Lorraine Veck, Special Needs Classroom Assistant, Coteford Junior School

“We had a heroes’ reception back at school, Panathlon really boosted their confidence. We’ve got primary swimmers now hoping to follow in their footsteps. It just does wonders for their self-esteem.”

 Deputy Head of Great Arley, Amanda Johnstone

We’re a mainstream school so these kids would normally get very little opportunity to play for their school teams, so Panathlon is great for their self-esteem and confidence.

Annie Sturgeon, teacher at Highworth Combined School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The event was brilliant! The organisation, the staff and supporting students were really helpful and friendly. The venue was ideal and the activities were spot on for the kids in my group. The children had a great time and came back to school beaming. This was their first chance to take part in a sports competition and they loved the medals, certificates and t-shirts. Their confidence levels rose throughout the day – both physically and emotionally.

Beki Stoiber, teacher at Park Hill

We’re completely sold on Panathlon. It’s spread like a very positive wave and ripple through the whole school and the whole curriculum.

Guy Wilkins, teacher at Marjorie McClure Special School, Chilslehurst, Bromley