• It’s fantastic what Panathlon does for disabled children. When I was first disabled and in a mainstream school, PE was really limited and the teachers didn’t really know what to do with me. If Panathlon had been available to me then, it would have helped me a lot for sure.

    Freya Levy, a member of the Great Britain wheelchair basketball team
  • I’ve been coming to Panathlon events for years and what never ceases to amaze me is how much enjoyment the athletes get from the competition and how competitive they are. But what is truly amazing is how the event has now grown. With over 200 events a year now, Panathlon really has cemented itself in the sporting calendar.

    Danny Crates, Paralympic gold medallist and world record holder in the 800m (T46) and Panathlon patron
  • I am proud that partners such as Panathlon are delivering on our vision of the Olympic & Paralympic Games boosting sports participation.

    Lord Seb Coe, double Olympic gold medallist
  • Panathlon provides an opportunity for disabled children to mix with others and experience competition; which is so important. Every person in the team matters and has a contribution to make to the final points score. Participation in sport sets you up for life, and every child should be encouraged to get involved.

    Liz Johnson, Paralympic swimming champion and Panathlon ambassador
  • The Panathlon Challenge is a great way of encouraging young people into sport. I hope many more young people have the opportunity to compete in the future.

    Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, multi-Paralympic gold medallist

I went back to my school and showed everyone my medal, and all the people in school were cheering. It made me feel impressive!

Ryan Gardner, aged 11, Cirencester, Glos

It’s been absolutely amazing for the students to be able to access Panathlon – to come away and work as team, have a go at different events and cheer each other on. It’s really important for these kids to have that opportunity. Sport should be for everyone, so why shouldn’t they have a chance to take part?

Jess Russell, sports coordinator at Paddock School, Wandsworth

“Panathlon gives my pupils with severe learning difficulties a sense of belonging. It’s such an amazing opportunity, it gives them an immense sense of achievement. They get huge attention and praise from their peers back at school for it and it inspires the younger ones to join in when they’re a bit older. When they compete at school in sport it’s more fun-based and against their own peers but when they go out of school to places like this they learn about what it means to be competitive. The kids really respond to that. It’s been a long trip but it’s been so worth it.”

John Rice, PE co-ordinator at Merefield School

Participating in the Panathlon events provided our pupils with an amazing opportunity. The pupils were motivated by the medals and certificates and got to meet a great athlete.  The events were well organised and communications were clear.

Hebden Green School, Cheshire

I’m the only pupil on the Panathlon team from my school, so it’s a great opportunity to have fun and meet other people.

Jamie Keat, aged 10, Hammersmith & Fulham

Our staff have all commented on how this opportunity has made a huge difference to the Young Leaders’ self-esteem and confidence. We are very grateful to Panathlon. They all absolutely loved it!

Mildmay School, Essex

It’s nice to meet new people from other schools. I enjoy school, but this is a good opportunity to come out and take part. It feels good to be representing the school.

Callum MacDonald, aged 14, Croydon

My favourite things about today were the races, the medals and the freedom. I felt fresh, healthy and free in the pool. The ball race was my favourite.

Riley Kane, aged 11, Lowestoft, Suffolk

I’m really glad I’ve met somebody with the same condition as me. We’ve both got spina bifida, so I can relate to him and I’m really glad that we had a chat. He’s a big inspiration, so I think I might take up racing!

Zahra Naqvi, aged 13, Milton Keynes, Bucks, on meeting Panathlon patron Richard Chiassaro

This was our first time at Panathlon and it has made our kids realise how much fun they could have and what they could learn. It has been a real eye opener for them!

Julie Markowycz, Lowerhouses Primary

Without Panathlon, McKenzie Wouldn’t have had the opportunity to represent his school in any sporting event. Panathlon has made him enjoy sport and accept that he and others can achieve through sport.

Kerry O’Reilly, Parent

Woodfield School enjoy Panathlons of all descriptions, so we will always do our best to attend, whenever, wherever!

Woodfield School, Herts

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This event sounded great and it was great! it exceeded our children’s expectations, thanks Panathlon!

Southlands School Tyne & Wear

One of the things about working with kids with special needs is that many of them have exactly the same interests as non-disabled kids. They want to resent their school, they want to represent their borough. This gives them an opportunity to do that, which they wouldn’t normally get.

Alan Walsh, the Learning Trust – Team Hackney

Since taking part in Panathlon, the children have become much more confident at dealing with and overcoming any challenges they face

Ickburgh School Hackney

We’ve had another great Panathlon experience today – it is all about extending an opportunity for the girls to be leaders, players or even to become coaches one day.

Marjorie McClure School, Bromley

A big thank you to Panathlon and everyone involved in organising these events. They are such a positive experience for all the children and staff, not just the winning team but everyone. They are so valuable in helping the children develop new skills, greater confidence and a sense of being an important part of their school team

Mowbray School, North Yorkshire

This is the first time the school has competed externally, what an experience for them to come here with children from other parts of the region.

Roseanne Hutchinson, Delamere, Trafford

We’ve started local events to get as many children competing as possible. We then use those as a selection process for Panathlon, so we’re giving children a stepping stone to representing the borough. It gives them something to strive to and gives an end product to their competitions locally.

Joe Playle, Sport Development Officer, Havering Council

“Our GCSE PE students have been leaders at quite a few Panathlon events now and throw themselves into it every time. They develop their communication and leadership skills and they thoroughly enjoy working with children. They absolutely jump at this opportunity.”

Chessington’s PE teacher, Mr Lucas

They’re a great little team. The day after a Panathlon you see them walking round the school with the medals around their necks looking so proud. They’re absolutely buzzing.

Lewis Sharpe, teacher at Kettlethorpe School

It’s just amazing to see these youngsters having so much fun. Many of them don’t get the chance to compete in a mainstream school and so Panathlon is fantastic for them. Just look at everyone’s faces – you can see how proud they are!

Brighouse School, West Yorkshire

It’s been an amazing day and it’s an honour to be here in the Olympic swimming stadium. It’s my first time here and it’s been one of my dreams to come here. Not every kid gets the chance to do this.

Alex Smyth, aged 14, Colchester

Panathlon has been a big help for me. It inspires me and it inspires so many to take part in sport. It’s a really good experience. It feels really good to take part, to represent my school and Cambridgeshire. I’m really happy.

Matthew O’Leary, Cambridgeshire