On the 30th April, Panathlon completed a three week VI tennis programme with Whitmore High School in Harrow. With 8 different students taking part, the 3 weeks served as a fantastic introduction to the sport as many of the students hadn’t played previously. Over the 3 weeks, students learnt how to hit forehands, backhands and serves with a different stroke as the focus for each week.

Using specific tennis balls that rattle when they bounce and adopting the VI tennis rules which state that players may have 2 bounces, a number of students showed real promise and so we hope to continue the programme and encourage more students to take up the game. One particular student named Rishi who has never played said “It’s really good fun. I still like football the best but I’d definitely like to carry on with tennis because I’ve learnt so much in not a long amount of time.”

Thank you for coming in, the students love it! Equipment helps hugely with some of the students and its nice because it’s a completely different sport to what they normally try. We’d love to have much more of this at Whitmore” Janine Edwards, Teacher at Whitmore High