Panathlon visited Southfields Community College today to see the Southwark team take on the Wandsworth team. Sometimes in sport the results don’t explain the nature of the games taking place, and today was one of those days. Southwark and Wandsworth were in tight competition throughout, despite what the leader table may suggest. The teams, comprising of 4 schools from each borough, took part in all the multi-sports in the sports hall – In the Boccia, it was one match a piece (6 ends matches) with Wandsworth pulling away only in the last 2 ends of the 3rd Match to take Gold. In New Age Kurling it was one match a piece, until Wandsworth took the final game. The same story with Polybat, this time it went to points scored to separate out the teams after the teams were tied after 10 sets! In Table Cricket Southwark had their first victory, having lost the first game, they came through in the second game knocking up 302 runs in the process. They took the tournament winning on run difference. In the athletics there were some impressive performances, and much fun being had particularly in during the races – the wheelchair race was particularly well competed and the mobility restriction races was so close, it even baffled the judges for a while. The event finished off with a large fun run, on least to warm everyone up!

The sports leaders did a great job in officiate the sports, Georgia Turner, Panathlon Official for the day wrote, “ I officiated the Polybat competition at the Panathlon today. It was a really great experience. I was confident to demonstrate my knowledge of the sports I had learnt from the Panathlon training day, and was eager to see the games played in a competitive environment. The children who played Polybat were delightful in every way: keen to learn and understand the rules and common faults of the game, as well as being extremely enthusiastic throughout. It was wonderful to watch them having such a great time, and to be a part of their day was intrinsically rewarding in a way you could only understand if you were to experience it yourself.”

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