Newcomers to Panathlon, the City of Hull, experienced first- hand today the thrill of its first ever competition day.

Five schools and 62 children engaged in a 4-team competition with St Mary’s crowned champions at this first Secondary aged Hull Panathlon Challenge at the Costello Stadium.

St Mary’s beat teams from Ganton, Sirius (North and West) and Kingsmill with a grand total of 56 points.

Competition was fierce for second with both Ganton and Sirius unable to be separated even on count back, so both claimed the runners-up position on 38 points, just 2 points ahead of Kingsmill

Marie Harkern, PE lead spoke with her team and support staff upon winning and common consensus was that “this was the best SEN event that St Mary’s College have ever taken part, the variety and inclusiveness was amazing, the whole atmosphere in the arena was blooming wonderful, and superbly organised”

Mark Arridge, the Inclusive lead for Hull Schools said, “Our first Panathlon event in the city was such an expertly organised event, what an experience for these students in Hull. Thank you for those moments which the power of sport has the ability to do, to provide a wider impact on children’s lives and enhance all aspects of intangibles such as self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Jo MacDonald from Active Humber said, “It was a truly inspiration day for these four schools across Hull, an invaluable opportunity to not only compete but also raise confidence and show a Can-do attitude.”

Leaders came from St Marys College and they too enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to be involved again following schools request for more.

Thanks to the Jane Tomlinson Appeal for supporting this day alongside Hull Active Schools.

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