Wilmslow School won the first Cheshire Primary Panathlon in Warrington on the 21st November.

Wilmslow beat six other teams from across Cheshire to secure the title and take out the first ever Panathlon event of any kind in the county. Fifty-two competitors took part.

Lisa Frankham teacher from Wilmslow School said: “This was a fantastic and well-organized event. The young leaders worked well with all the children and the activities were suitable for all ages and ability.

The pace between the activities was spot on capturing the children’s imagination. Overall a day to remember and we recommend Panathlon to anyone”

The event was a close contest with only three and a half points separating First and second. Fallibroome School runners -up had a good day securing victories in the Boccia and Cricket. Their lead teacher Craig Jones echoed the comments, “the range of events on offer was outstanding, they all engaged the pupils and showed teachers what can be done in PE. It was a perfect level of competition.”

Full Results
1. Wilmslow 39
2. Fallibroome 35.5
3. Dorin Park 31.5
4. Adelaide 28.5
5. Dee Banks 27
6. Foxwood 19.5
7. Springfield 15

Priestley College of Warrington provided the leaders for the event Dani Toward, Assistant Head of Sport at the College commented, “this was a magnificent event for our BTEC students to have participated, they all got so much more out of this than expected, it has opened their eyes today. It is so active with children always engaged. The day shows how the children love competition and this allows them a great first-time experience.”

Panathlon thanks Penny Moorfield of the Warrington School Sports Partnership for helping us get the event up and running and for work in bringing schools across Cheshire to the event.

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