Long-serving Panathlon supporter Woodland Group is providing critical assistance before, during, and after RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May 2024!

The global supply chain management provider successfully and sustainably transported to the showground the three beautiful trees that will form the centrepiece of the Panathlon Joy Garden. This was no small task considering that the trees feature unusual curvy trunks and weigh up to one tonne each!

As true experts, Woodland Group handled the process skilfully and innovatively. The three mature Platanus x Hispanica ‘Maburg’ trees were loaded carefully into a lorry and strapped in securely, using wooden pallets topped with straw bales to provide extra cushioning during the journey, this movement was carried out using HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) in the vehicle.

An integral role
Woodland Group has been a great supporter of Panathlon for over 10 years, helping the organisation to grow from a local Essex-based charity to one that provides services all over England, Wales and, recently, Northern Ireland. The company will play an integral role in Panathlon’s inaugural RHS Chelsea appearance.

During RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 members of Woodland Group will volunteer their time to attend the world-famous event. There they will talk to the thousands of people visiting the Panathlon Joy Garden about Panathlon’s services, Woodland Group’s involvement with the charity, and its key role in sustainably relocating the garden. Following the show, Woodland Group will sustainably transport the Panathlon Joy Garden from Chelsea to its forever home in order to create a lasting legacy.   

The Panathlon Joy Garden will serve as a platform from which to highlight the life-enhancing and transformative impact of Panathlon’s competitive sporting opportunities for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) across the UK. Once the event has closed to its 150,000+ visitors, the garden, created by award-winning designer Penelope Walker, will be re-homed at a longstanding Panathlon school in South East London, the Marjorie McClure School in Chislehurst. 

The venue of the garden once moved from Chelsea Flower Show, Marjorie McClure School in Chislehurst

Minimal carbon footprint
Woodland Group will pick up the Panathlon Joy Garden and move it to its new home in an environmentally friendly manner by minimising its carbon footprint as much as possible. When the trees arrive onsite at the school, Woodland will then assist the contractors in lifting and repositioning the trees, as well as over 500 plants, into their new home. Both the transportation and replanting process will respect the drive for sustainability, which is one of the aims of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. 

Recently, Woodland Group was recognised by the British International Freight Association by winning two awards for ‘Sustainable Logistics and Environment’ and ‘Ocean Freight Services’.

Sam Warren, Sustainability Manager at Woodland Group, explains: “Small changes can make a big difference in reducing your impact on the environment. To ensure that our transportation process is as environmentally friendly as possible, The vehicles that have assisted with Panathlon and the Chelsea move are going to all be fuelled with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, which offers an impressive 91.74% reduction in carbon or 1080.82 kgCO2 saving over using diesel.

Warren, who has volunteered previously at a Panathlon sporting event and competed in various fun runs and triathlons to raise money for the Panathlon charity, continues: “We were delighted to help Panathlon at this world-famous show, and to be at the heart of re-locating the charity’s beautiful garden to its forever home.”

Ashley Iceton from Panathlon adds: “Once again, Panathlon is thrilled to have teamed up with Woodland Group! When it came to the logistical question of how we would move several tonnes of weight carefully, safely, and sustainably, it was obvious we would need to draw on Woodland Group’s expertise. Members of Woodland Group have volunteered this year at various Panathlon sporting events, as well as during RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 by spending a day with us to talk to the thousands of people streaming by our garden.” 

Iceton comments: “I cannot thank Woodland Group enough and Luke Fermor especially for solving the logistical challenge in sustainably moving the trees to Chelsea and then the whole garden to its new home at Marjorie McClure School in Chislehurst, as well as everyone at Woodland Group for their long-term support!”